Johnny Depp reappears with radical change of look

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Johnny Depp reappeared with a new look after being victorious in the trial against Amber Heard. The famous actor of Pirates of the Caribbean showed a change of image in a concert with Jeff Beck at the Helsinki Blues Festival, in Finland.

It was through social networks where Several images began to circulate where Depp showed that he left the mustache behind.

The famous appeared shaved at the Helsinki Blues Festival, in Finland, in the company of Jeff Beck. And it seems that Amber Heard’s ex-husband decided to give his image a radical change to celebrate having won the trial for defamation.

On the change, some fans celebrated his decision, although it was not to everyone’s liking.

They catch Amber Heard buying cheap clothes

The Aquaman actress was spotted by paparazzi at a discount store in New York City. This after it was ruled that she has to pay Depp 10 million dollars and her lawyer said that she Heard does not have the money to do so.

According to what was presented by TMZ, Amber Heard spent several minutes in a TJ Maxx, a place that is recognized by the low prices. In the company of her sister, they discussed the price of white linen pants.

Everything seemed to be going well in the purchase, they had a cart full of clothes, until he noticed the cameras. Noticing the paparazzi, she and her sister ran out of the place. For this reason, it is unknown if Amber and her companion finally bought any clothing.

This news comes after one of Heard’s lawyers announced that the actress could not pay the millionaire amount of money that her ex-husband from Pirates of the Caribbean should receive after winning the trial.


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