Jennifer Lopez, the shocking travel look | Dizzying heels

Jennifer Lopez’s look immediately went viral: did you see what she wore to travel? Look carefully.

The famous pop star has now also become an icon of style. His look they are hugely popular all over the world and what she recently showed off is no less, you have view?

Jennifer Lopez (Ansa)

Its fame precedes it in every corner of the world. Jennifer Lopez is now considered the pop star par excellence, thanks to tracks timeless and del talent one of a kind. Over the years, the American singer has built one career among the richest and longest-lived of all time, ranging with incredible skill from one art form to another. From the music at the actingthe Lopez he has proven to have a versatile talent. Often in the center of pink chronicles in particular as regards her private life, the artist is known for her relationships with famous men in the world of music and entertainment. She is also very much loved on social, here the singer and actress has a crazy following. Right on web some appeared images that they portray Jennifer Lopez in all its glory: you have seeing what look?

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Born in New York in 1969, Jennifer Lopez has marked a respectable page in the history of music and international entertainment. Over the years the singer and actress has earned a success sensational, becoming one of the faces already in demand worldwide. In addition to songs beloved, there are not a few movie became famous in which Lopez has played leading roles. Among these it is impossible not to remember Shall We Dance?, That mother-in-law monster, Marry Me – Marry me. Today everyone knows her not only for her amazing career but also for the activity on socialwhere she never fails to interact with the numerous fans who follow her through photo And video that it shares. Among the various images, one recently left everyone breathless. Watch what is it about.

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There Lopez loves to share on his own social profiles images that see it as the protagonist in all its glory. Recently, the American singer released some photo that portray it in airportwith a look which has not gone unnoticed.

look Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez (Intsgaram)

For the occasion, the Lopez chose to wear a suit consisting of trousers And shirt with long sleeves, both in shades of white. The look has been embellished by the delicate colored fantasy but above all by the shoes with the heel very high, which match the rest.

Have you seen the look from travel Jennifer Lopez?

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