Jennifer Lopez praised Ben Affleck as a father and ignored Marc Anthony

Jennifer López dedicated emotional words as a father to her boyfriend for behaving well with his children and hers.

Jennifer López dedicated emotional words as a father to her boyfriend for behaving well with his children and hers.

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A good part of Western countries celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday and honored that vital member of the family. Celebrities were no exception, and in the case of Jennifer Lopezwas full of compliments to her boyfriend Ben Affleckwho is the father of three children he had with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. “Happy Father’s Day to the most affectionate, loving, affectionate, constant and selfless father of all time,” wrote JLo, and published a video where images of her are seen with her boyfriend.

I love the idea of ​​the future [juntos] and what we can create. But I really just want to savor the moment and stay in the present as much as I can,” he said, adding, “I’ve had a front row seat to see what you’re like as a father for over a year now, and I’ve never seen a father. more constant, loving and self-sacrificing”. Later she referred to more goodness of her boyfriend. “Not only with your own children, but also, without obligation, with mine. You make yourself present and always put them first. You are affectionate and involved in every moment that they are with you and it is honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

In another publication, he praised David López, his father, congratulating him on his day and wishing him the best.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony estranged?

However, it was striking that he did not dedicate a single word to Mark Anthony, the father of her twins. Let’s remember that Jennifer and Marc got married in June 2004; in 2008 her twins Emme and Max were born. They parted in July 2011 and finished their divorce in june 2014 yse knows that they would have an unbeatable relationship since then.

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In fact, it has also transpired that he celebrated that she was emotionally happy with her return to the arms of Ben Affleck and she would be equally calm with his commitment to model Nadia Ferreira, announced in May, a month after she revealed that Affleck proposed to her.

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