Jamie Spears sues her daughter Britney for defamation

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Lawyers Speak of ‘Incendiary Accusations’ in Princess of Pop’s Instagram Posts

Britney Spears and her father, Jamie, continue to be involved in various lawsuits. The latest is that the father of the pop star wants him to face the statements he has made on social networks about her person and the confessions he is preparing in her memoirs. Thus, he has decided to sue her for defamation, something that sounds familiar to us since it is the same crime that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard accused each other of. We do not know if this process will become another great show as it happened with the actors.

In the lawsuit, Jamie’s lawyer, Alex Wingarte, assures that the artist has carried out a defamation campaign on Instagram and believes that she will continue to do so in her memoirs for which the artist has already received fifteen million dollars. In this sense, he assures that she “continues to publish content on social networks that contain inflammatory accusations about various issues.”

Among the singer’s accusations against her father are that she was forced to give eight tubes of blood to receive medical assistance, that she did not have access to painkillers or that her driving license was withdrawn. Affirmations that the father of the interpreter of ‘Toxic’ wants him to retract.

In addition, they argue that “there is no legal basis” for Britney not to testify, hiding in the fact that the interrogation can address “emotionally difficult” issues since she has been the one who has spoken about these issues on social networks in recent months. Thus, they consider that the singer “has the knowledge about her accusations and has the documents” that support it, or “she does not have that knowledge and simply believes that she can say what she wants in court and on social networks regardless of whether his accusations are true.”

After learning of the lawsuit, Britney’s lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, has assured that “Mr. Spears continues to disgrace himself, especially after these silly and ill-advised statements, which are riddled with errors and falsehoods, as he himself knows.”

The pop princess hasn’t had a relationship with her family for a long time, in fact, she didn’t invite any of the members to her recent wedding to Sam Asghari. However, it seems that, despite trying to get as far away from her as possible, she will not be able to completely disengage from her father until all open legal proceedings are completed.

Meanwhile, Britney has deactivated her Instagram account, something she has done before, and has offered no reaction to her father’s defamation lawsuit. After her wedding, she has started her new life with a move to what will be her new home, a mansion in an exclusive California neighborhood, as discovered by TMZ, which has published some images showing moving trucks at her current residence in Thousand Oaks. , where he held his link.

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