It’s Impossible To Tell This Fake Tom Cruise From The Real One And That’s Exactly Why We Should Fear ‘Deepfake’ Technology – Movie News

Videos of this actor impersonator, generated with AI technology, continually go viral, like the latest one with Paris Hilton. And it is as disturbing as it is potentially dangerous.

The latest viral phenomenon has been a video of Paris Hilton preparing for a big event, revealing that her companion for the night was going to be Tom Cruise. Unless that man wasn’t really Tom Cruise, although he looked like it thanks to technology deepfake which helps impersonator Miles Fisher bear an almost indistinguishable resemblance.

This video of celebrities getting ready isn’t the only one of this impersonator to go viral. On his TikTok account @deeptomcruise we see several of his attempts to become the star of Top Gun: Maverick, several of them making an impression precisely because of how hard it is to realize that it’s not really Cruise in the video.

The account already has more than 3 million followers, fascinated by the result that seems almost totally real. To achieve this result, Fisher uses, in addition to his natural physical resemblance, an Artificial Intelligence managed by the specialist in digital effects Chris Ume, who captures the imitator’s movements and, with a neural network, manages to replace his face with that of the actor. For it draws on around 6,000 Cruise images to give algorithms a base from which to create new images.

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The use of this technology deepfake It doesn’t come down to something as recreational and trivial as these @deeptomcruise videos. Since its outbreak in 2018, the technology has been refined to achieve results that deceive the human eye, putting celebrity faces on other people’s bodies carrying out other activities. It is because of that most of its use, around 93%, is for pornographyto show actors in videos who would not voluntarily star.

geopolitical chaos

But this technology has a potentially more dangerous use. Security and intelligence experts talk about how could create geopolitical instability through the creation of videos deepfake of government leaders. The most terrifying scenario for some of these experts would be that someone made a video of a fake Joe Biden declaring war on North Korea, and this came to the Asian country, causing chaos and retaliation for something that is not real.

Another potential danger would be the circumvention of security systems that use facial recognition, which is why intelligence agencies such as the FBI are working with technology giants such as Facebook on facial recognition techniques. deepfakes. The fake Tom Cruise is in greater danger than many can imagine.

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