Israel Reyes interests Tigres

According to the ESPN reporter, the feline club is willing to pay the termination clause for the Mexican team

MEXICO.- The name of Israel Kingsbut now to reinforce tigerswith a view to Opening 2022.

According to John Sutcliffe, tigers wants to pay the Puebla the termination clause Israel Kings for the central defender to dress up as a feline in the next tournament of the MX League.

Not long ago, Israel Kings was on the radar Americabefore which the president of the PueblaManuel Jiménez, came out to comment that he is a very important asset for the strip team and that he will not leave.

Last Wednesday, the 8th of the current month, Manuel Jiménez commented the following, while he was at an event of the Mexican Soccer Federation: “It is part of Nicolás (Larcamón)’s project and we count on him. He is a great value of the team”.

However, it is already more than one attempt for Israel Kings let Puebla and being a powerful team in the economic aspect as tigersit is not ruled out that the interest continues to grow and the defender ends up in the ranks of the feline group.

The bonuses of Israel Kings have risen since Nicolás Larcamón began to give him continuity and his performances led him to the Mexican National Team.

The player from Jalisco has had the opportunity to show himself and today the eyes of tigers they are placed in him and he is in all the disposition to make use of his services.

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