Is Amber Heard broke? This is what is known after seeing it in a discount store

Amber Heard it does not come out of one, when it is already in another. After The United States court will rule in favor of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard it seems it is involved in another scandal Well, everything points to I couldn’t pay Depp the amount of money the judge ordered.

Next, we tell you everything that is known about the economic situation of the actress of Aquaman.

How much money will Johnny Depp have to pay after losing the libel suit?

The actress will have pay compensation to her ex-husband of 15 million dollars.

What if you can’t pay him?

There has been talk of a possible deal among the lawyers Depp he just wanted to clear his name. In that sense, the defenses of both parties could speak so that Heard did not pay the amount. In the same way, Amber could appeal the ruling of the jury in favor of Depp.

Amber Heard is caught in a discount store

It came to light a video in which you can see Amber Heard accompanied by her sister, Whitney Henriquez, who were looking for clothes at a store called TJ Maxxx. According to the media this establishment specializes in inexpensive products.

Could Amber Heard be broke?

Not as such, but one of the ways in which Amber Heard could pay off her debt if she filed for bankruptcy. Legally, if a person does not have the money to pay a certain amount, they can declare bankruptcy to go back to court and the judge determines if they can be collected with the debtor’s estate. This is how Heard could pay off the debt with some of her estate and not with cash.

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