In addition to “Claw”, know other Adam Sandler movies to watch on Netflix

Adam Sandler and LeBron James produce “Claw”, the new basketball movie bet. (Netflix)

Adam Sandler is an actor who is characterized by his versatility to play roles from comedy to drama. Although he is mostly known for his comedic roles, his most recent film, Claw, shows that he is made to constantly test his career for the purpose of conveying various stories. Regarding the release of this tape, we review what other productions of the star can be seen in Netflix.

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Rough diamonds

This dramatic comedy was the one that took Sandler to the next level, after he was recognized as Best Actor at the independent Spirit Awards in 2019. The plot follows a highly talented jeweler who decides to take the biggest bet of his life. to make a huge profit, however, in the process he will have to deal with other problems related to business, family and his own adversaries.

“Diamonds in the Rough” is a comedy drama that was released in 2019. (Netflix)

They are like children

The famous comedy centers on a group of five friends who reunite after 30 years without seeing each other and… nothing seems to have changed for them. As the title indicates, they continue to behave like children despite the fact that they are adult men and already have consolidated families.

In "They are like children"Also starring are Kevin James, David Space, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider.  (Netflix)
Kevin James, David Space, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider also star in “They’re Like Kids.” (Netflix)

Hubie’s Halloween

This is a horror comedy starring Adam Sandler and follows the story of a deli worker who is a fan of celebrating Halloween. On a Halloween night, a very unique event occurs that will lead this man to make every effort to save the city of Salem, in Massachusetts, when he is threatened by a kidnapper.

Every Halloween night, Hubie Dubois is the unsung hero of his hometown of Salem. However, this year, a dangerous fugitive and a mysterious newcomer to the neighborhood put him on high alert. (Netflix)

Like it was the first time

Perhaps one of his most unforgettable roles. Beside drew Barrymore, the American artist stars in one of the best romantic comedies in the entire history of cinema. When Henry, a marine biologist, meets Lucy, a sweet and kind girl, he falls madly in love without knowing that a relationship would be impossible between them. She suffers from a condition that causes her to forget everything that happened the day before and, every morning, she wakes up to live the day as if it were the same. Despite everything, he will try to win her heart.

"Like it was the first time" It is one of the romantic movies that no one can miss.  (Netflix)
“As if it were the first time” is one of the romantic movies that no one can miss. (Netflix)

A fake wife

Adam Sandler Y Jennifer Aniston They act in this romance film in which their characters initially only pretend to be in a relationship. Surgeon Danny is hopelessly in love with Palmer (brooklyn decker), so he gets the grand idea of ​​hiring his assistant, Katherine, a single mother with children, to pretend to be his family. His intention will be to show that the love he feels for this woman is so strong that he considers divorcing her.

This comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston was originally released in 2011. (Sony Pictures)

The double lives

David Spade plays Charlie McMillan, a bank manager unhappy in his marriage. During a high school reunion, he crosses paths again with a former classmate and old friend named Max Kessler (Adam Sandler), who now works as an FBI agent. When their lives are turned upside down, they both fake their own deaths and take on other identities without knowing that this decision will get them into more than one problem.

Spade and Sandler bring to life this wacky adventure that begins with the reunion of two high school friends.  (Netflix)
Spade and Sandler bring to life this wacky adventure that begins with the reunion of two high school friends. (Netflix)

the worst week

“They do not agree on their children’s wedding, nor are they very comfortable with the situation, nor do they know how to stay calm. A great week to bury in memory ”, says the official synopsis of this tape with Sandler, Chris Rock, Steve Buscemiamong others.

In the company of one of his regular collaborators, Chris Rock, actor Adam Sandler brings us this comedy focused on fatherhood. (Netflix)


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