I can get over whatever happens to me

The Will Smith actor attracted the attention of the world when in the oscars 2022 he slapped Chris Rock. Months after the act, a video of her experience with ayahuasca is related to what happened to her.

It was in an interview for My next guest need no introduction where the winner of the golden statuette for his role in Williams method talked about the fear that was revealed to him after an experience taking ayahuasca.

In the talk he had with David Letterman He related that when drinking the ancestral indigenous drink he had a vision in which his life and his career in Hollywood deteriorated.

Will Smith He said that he began to realize that he couldn’t earn enough and that his marriage couldn’t be good enough, so he started a spiritual journey.

A friend told him about his experience with the ancestral drink and he was interested. “I never tried anything. I never smoked marijuana, I never used cocaine, or pills, or anything, ”he said regarding substance use. Upon researching ayahuasca he decided it was something he wanted to try.

“I drank, and it usually takes like 45 minutes to kick in. I was sitting there and even though I thought he wouldn’t hit me, suddenly I saw my money flying far away, my house flying and my career going far away, “he said. Will Smith.

“My whole life is being destroyed. This is my fear in real life, and I’m in there and wanting to throw up and all that, and I hear a voice say to me: ‘This is what life is,’ “added the star known for his role in The Prince of rap Y men in black.

“When he came out of that, I realized that whatever happens to me in life, i can get over it. I can get over losing anyone. I can get through anything that goes wrong. I can get over anything in my marriage. I can overcome everything that life offers me, ”she pointed out about that experience.

Will Smith, known for films like I’m legend Y I robotcommented that people have to learn to live with the reality that “in any case everything can disappear in a second”.

In the same program, whose fourth season is available on Netflix, the Hollywood star also commented that he always considered a coward because when he was nine years old he saw how his father beat his mother and he did nothing, which left an impression on him. self-traumatic.

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