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we will explain how much does it cost and how to watch starzplay, another series and movie streaming platform that is also in Spain trying to make a place for itself in the market. Thus, you can decide to what extent you are convinced and it is convenient for you to register for this other service, which you can not only hire independently but also through other platforms.

We are going to start by talking about all the possibilities you have to watch Starzplay, telling you the devices for which it has an official application and the third-party providers with which you will be able to hire it. Later, we will tell you what its price isand we’ll talk to you about what you can expect from their catalog.

How to watch Starzplay and compatible devices

You will have two different ways to sign up and watch Starzplay, as you can hire it independently or through other digital subscription providers that integrate a channel of this service. Therefore, we are going to tell you the methods to see it in both types of subscription.

Hiring Starzplay independentlyyou will be able to see it through:

  • Starzplay App for Androiddownloading it on the Google Play Store.
  • Starzplay app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TVdownloading it on the App Store.
  • Starzplay App for Rokudownloading it from the Roku Channel Store.
  • Its official website for any other deviceon
  • Send content through Chromecast from your apps to any compatible device.
Starz Amazon

Hiring Starzplay within other digital subscription providers, you will be able to see it in their services. The providers where it is available are:

Here it is simple, on all the devices where you can see the content of these providers you will also be able to see Starzplay through them. Therefore, this already depends on each of the platforms.

How much does Starzplay cost?

Starzplay is priced at 4.99 euros per monthalthough you usually have a 7-day free trial to try it out. On the web there is a special offer with which the first three months comes out to 1.99 euros per month, but when those three months are over you already have to pay the full monthly payment.

The price is the same contracting it from the web or through other providers of content. The only thing that changes is the offers. Some providers will offer you 7 days for free to try it, while on the official website you can find other offers such as three cheaper months.

'Becoming Elizabeth': an attractive historical series from Starzplay in which its splendid cast stands out

Starzplay Catalog


Starzplay has a wide catalog of movies and series. Here, as most third parties tend to do today, they look for a combination of third-party productions with its own catalog of its own series and movieswhich are those exclusive to the platform with which they try to have added value that they try to convince you to hire it.

Here, many of its productions tend to stand out for their excellent casts, such as the Watergate miniseries ‘Gaslit’, which stars Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, or the mix of horror and comedy ‘Shining Vale’, which is headed by Courtney Cox. .

You also have interesting productions like the historical series ‘Becoming Elizabeth’, which takes us to the night Henry VIII of England dies, or the Spanish series ‘Express’, which comes from the creator of ‘Vis a Vis’. In addition to these productions, there are also others that are exclusive to the channel, with outstanding bets such as period series for female audiences.

'Gaslit': Sean Penn and Julia Roberts stand out in a fascinating but uneven Starzplay miniseries about Watergate

Starzplay doesn’t have the same resources as Netflix or Disney, so their own productions are not so large. However, the premieres are coming combined with others from third parties, and if you want to be aware of the news I recommend that you follow the information about the channel’s premieres in Xataka and Espinof.

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