Her zodiac sign explains why she’s not old

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With nicole kidman’s birthday coming up on June 20, there’s no better time than now to dive into the zodiac and birth chart of this Oscar-winning icon. Elegant, humorous and with a strong commitment to his trade, northerner –The actress has shown her acting prowess. However, no matter how many years have passed since the beginning of her career, Nicole Kidman does not seem to age. The beauty of hers persists as she does get *young* over time, but she stacks up! Believe it or not, there’s a cosmic explanation for her timeless allure, going all the way back to Nicole Kidman’s astrology.

Amidst destroying every red carpet she has and diving into challenging and uncomfortable roles, I feel like there’s something powerful and eye-catching about Nicole Kidman, but you can’t look away. Born on the last day of spring, Nicole Kidman is a Gemini Exactly 29 degrees, which is also known as the degree of fame. Make no mistake: It’s part of Kidman’s destiny to make a name for himself. She always wants to create waves and her sun is 29 degrees, so she can’t forget her heritage.

Some are born with a star in their veins. From the start, they were destined for greatness. Astrology is a way to the bottom of the truth; Follow the map that takes you directly to your answers. So why is Nicole Kidman doing that? She seems as immortal as she is talented.? Well, her natal chart does more than illustrate it:

Nicole Kidman is Gemini

Nicole, Gemini Sun, was born on June 20, 1967 at 3:15 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently, she is riding the wave of success to the extent that she believes that she has not yet reached the top. Since her sun is also in the eighth house of change, she has the power to take something and turn it into something completely different. When you consider that Nicole Kidman is an actress professionally, it all makes sense. Nicole may not actually be acting, but she can be sure that she will completely transform any character she plays. She chose the profession of paying taxes artistically, but it allowed her to make full use of her natural talents.


It is aging like a fine wine. His power increases over time and he is not even close to the peak of success.

However, Nicole Kidman’s Gemini Sun is not the only one in the natal chart. Her Venus – the planet of beauty and luxury The most attractive and magnetic sign of all is in the zodiac sign of Leo. Venus in the zodiacal sign of Leo, shining brightly and fully revealing her power, is unstoppable. When you think of every movie Practical Mantra-The actress was in, didn’t she always seem to steal the show? Since her Venus is also in her tenth reputation, her mysterious beauty that she will always be famous for!

Can astrology explain why it’s getting so beautiful?

Nicole Kidman’s Venus sits in the 14th house, which is what happens in Pisces. In astrology, Taurus (especially as it relates to Venus) has always been characterized by a clear interest in beauty, sensuality, and earthly abundance. The Australian actress was born truly beautiful as Nicole’s Venus scene stop, the scene stealing is on Leo.

If you wonder for hours Immortal beauty in the time of Nicole Kidman, This is not really your fault. After all, Nicole Kidman’s Venus forms a triangle with Saturn, the planet with the longest lifespan, which means it has aged like great wine. Her power continues to increase over time and she is not even close to the peak of success. Don’t be surprised if Nicole Kidman still looks (feels) like a glowing goddess when she was 90, because her birth chart is proof that age doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

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