get the new Star Mapping wrap for free thanks to the PlayStation Cup

I cannot quite believe what is happening today in relation to Fortnite: No it’s the first neither the second time I come to tell you how you can get free items for the game in the last hours, but it is that Epic Games is throwing the house out the window celebrating promotions with free gifts for those of us who play battle royale. And, in this particular case, they have to do with those who enjoy it on PS4 or PS5.

The thing is that those responsible for Fortnite have announced a new cup which will only be available to PlayStation users where, essentially, we will be able to get a new weapon wrap known as Star Mapping (It is the one that you have been able to see in the featured image in this same article). Next, I tell you what you have to do exactly to be able to unlock it forever in your locker:

  • The PlayStation Cup will take place on June 24
  • It will be exclusive to those who play Fortnite on PS4 and PS5
  • You can get the item by getting 8 points in the competition
  • You can get a point with each elimination
  • You will also get points if you finish from 75th place in a game up

What do you think of this new Fortnite promotion? The wrapper itself isn’t one of my favorites, but I really don’t lose anything by playing a couple of games in the cup and unlocking it and then not having to regret it. On the other hand, I will tell you what other promotions arise around the battle royale so that you can get the most out of them.

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