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Items are now available Among Us announced a few days ago, for the battle royale, Fortniteand they join Spider-Man Zero this week, available to the public, so here are the objects of Among Us and how they are obtained.

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All players who buy Among Us on the Epic Games Store (or a among us star pack on the Epic Games Store) before the June 9, 2023 at 12:00 am AR and 10:00 am MX will receive the retro backpack and emote at no additional cost.

These are items from the Item Shop and are available for turkeys (in-game currency that can be used in both mode battle royale as in Creative mode). Cannot be acquired via events or questsso you can only buy them with in-game money.

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They are two objects and are sold in a pack for 600 turkeys. The first item available is the Crewmember backpacking accessorywith which they will take one of the Among Us crew on the back. They have it available in 10 different colors, and it reacts to movement already when they are eliminated.

The second item in the pack is the dance of distraction a dance gesture that is indescribable, honestly. It should be noted that, items will be available for a while, and then they will disappear. As a general rule, the objects are in rotation and will be back in the store, but there are no guarantees on when.

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The available colors are those that the crew members have in Among Usnamely, red, blue, green, pink, orange, black, white, yellow, brown and purpleas indicated Epic Games.

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