Eva Green shows her support for Johnny Depp and assures that he will soon resurface before the world

Eva Green shows her support for Johnny Depp and assures that he will soon resurface before the world

Eva Green shows her support for Johnny Depp and assures that he will soon resurface before the world

In the last days in which Amber Heard has taken the stand to present her statements and be questioned before the members of the jury, as well as thousands of viewers, everything seems to indicate that she does not have much in her favor, although victory cannot be assured either. for Johnny Depp. But the constant contradictions of the actress and a few embarrassing scenes that she has shown could mean a glimmer of hope for the actor.

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It is difficult to ensure that there is a notable recovery of the public image of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (79%), or that he manages to return to the great franchises from which he was fired and pretend that nothing happened in the last five years, but at least he has several points going for him in the midst of his libel trial where Heard is being asked for $50 million for the much-referenced opinion piece published in Washington Post.

Despite the fact that in previous months few people wanted to get involved giving their opinion on the matter, now it is other stars who have begun to raise their voices. Some with concern for everything that has happened and how it could affect Depp, while others are completely sure that this bitter pill will pass at any moment so that Johnny returns to the big productions stronger than ever.

Who recently showed her full support for her former stage partner was the actress Eva Green, with whom she worked on Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (37%), one of the less acclaimed films among the collaborations of this famous actor/director pair, but that left characters that would remain in the minds of fans. Green shared her message of support on her account on Instagram.

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I have no doubt that Johnny will emerge with his good name and wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than ever for him and his family.

Even the franchise producer of Pirates of the Caribbean has given signs that they could reconsider the stay of the interpreter of Jack Sparrow in the future, something that the also musician had already refused weeks before the statement when, at the trial, he was asked if he would work with Disney again, to which he refused, arguing that he would not work with someone who turned his back on him.

Amber, for her part, seems to have begun to pay the consequences of being in the middle of a scandal of this size, after it seemed that she had everything in her favor, especially at work. In recent days it has been revealed that her on-screen stay within Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been significantly reduced. The latest news revealed regarding this case, have indicated that things began to turn in favor of Depp.

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Some other stars have also expressed their support for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor (83%), or have at least questioned Heard’s behavior; as did Bill Burr (The Mandalorian (91%)) and Chris Rock, who has also been in the eye of the hurricane lately.

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