Ephemeris of June 22

On June 22, 2005, Colombia approved the Justice and Peace Law, which regulates the reintegration of those who hand over their weapons.


1675.- Foundation of the Greenwich Observatory, during the reign of Charles II of England.

1792.- Assassination of the governor of Yucatan (Mexico), Lucas de Gálvez.

1815.- Napoleon abdicates for the second time, end of the government of the Hundred Days after the defeat of Waterloo.

1866.- Uprising in Madrid against the Government of Isabel II presided over by O’Donnell.

1898.- US troops land in Cuba and Santiago capitulates.

1911.- Coronation of George V of England.

1928.- José Farabundo Martí joins the Army for the Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua led by Augusto César Sandino.

.- The first international telephone line is inaugurated in Chile, connecting Santiago with Mendoza (Argentina), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

1933.- The German National Socialist authorities ban the German Social Democratic Party (SPD).

1940.- World War II: France surrenders to Nazi Germany.

1941.- World War II: the German Army invades the Soviet Union.

1965.- Vietnam War: first US air raid on northern Hanoi.

1966.- Premiere in Los Angeles of the film “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (“Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?”).

1970.- El Salvador and Honduras agree to create a demilitarized zone of three kilometers on each side of the border.

1971.- President Juan José Torres declares a state of emergency in Bolivia to prevent a coup.

1973.- The “Skylab” crew returns to Earth after a 28-day space flight.

1981.- The Spanish Congress approves the divorce law.

.- The Spanish group Mecano publishes its first great success, “Today I can’t get up”.

1983.- The Spanish-Argentine mathematician Luis Antonio Santaló receives the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research.

1986.- World Cup in Mexico: Maradona scores a goal with his hand, “the hand of God”, against the British team.

1990.- “Checkpoint Charlie”, the most popular crossing point of the Berlin Wall, is dismantled.

1994.- The UN authorizes the French intervention in Rwanda to stop the genocide.

2001.- Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, in prison since 1993, are released for murdering the 10-year-old boy James Bulger in Bootle (United Kingdom).

2004.- In Peru, 700 students take the National University of Trujillo, demanding the resignation of the rector and vice-rectors for corruption.

2010.- Longest tennis match in history. The American John Isner (winner) and the French Nicolás Mahut played a match of 11 hours, 6 minutes and 23 seconds, between June 22 and 24 and 183 games were played.

2012.- Rajá Pervez Ashraf, elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

.- The Paraguayan Senate dismisses the country’s president, Fernando Lugo, and Federico Franco assumes the Presidency.

2013.- The US accuses Edward Snowden of espionage and asks Hong Kong to arrest him.

2019.- Bangkok Declaration to combat pollution in the seas.


1906.- Billy Wilder, American filmmaker.

1910.- Konrad Zuse, German engineer, creator of the first digital computer, the Z3.

1922.- Mauro Bolognini, Italian film director and set designer.

1932.- Soraya, former Empress of Iran.

1936.- Kris Kristoferson, American singer and actor.

1939.- Ada Yonath, Israeli chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

1943.- Klaus Maria Brandauer, Austrian actor.

1949.- Meryl Streep, American actress.

1952.- Graham Greene, Canadian actor.

1962.- Álvaro Urquijo (“The Secrets”), Spanish singer and composer.

1964.- Dan Brown, American writer.

1966.- Emmanuelle Seigner, French actress.


1865.- Ángel Saavedra, Duke of Rivas, Spanish writer.

1969.- Judy Garland, American actress and singer.

1976.- Fofó (Alfonso Aragón), Spanish clown.

1984.- Joseph Losey, American film director.

1987.- Fred Astaire, American dancer and actor.

1989.- Lee Calhoun, American athlete, Olympic champion.

1999.- Eugenio Florit, Cuban poet.

2004.- Robert William Bemer, American pioneer of computer programming.

2006.- Peter Russell, British Hispanist.

2015.- Laura Antonelli, Italian actress.

2020.- Joel Schumacher, American filmmaker.

.- Steve Bing, American producer. EFE


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