Emma Watson is brought up in the controversial situation of Ezra Miller, star of “The flash”, but she does not comment. What are the reasons behind her silence?

Emma Watson has been keeping a low-key profile lately, but is still being mentioned in ongoing discussions about the current situation of Ezra Miller. The actor, who is set to star in the upcoming Warner Bros film “The Flash” has been flooding the headlines due to a series of violent acts and irregular behavior.

Earlier this year, he was arrested twice in Hawaii for disorderly conduct. He was also charged with other serious crimes, including multiple cases of physical assault and the alleged solicitation of a teenager.

Despite requests for comments, Emma Watson remained silent on Miller, sparking criticism from supporters of Harry Potter creator JK Rowling.

They argue that Watson was not silent when it came to oppose Rowling’s position on trans issuesyet he refrains from talking about any matter involving Miller.

In their view, it would be fair for Emma Watson to be just as outspoken about Miller’s misdeeds as she was with JK Rowling. At the same time, Emma’s fans came to her defensesaying she shouldn’t be held accountable for words and actions that aren’t hers.

They believe that regardless of his relationship with Rowling or Miller, he shouldn’t feel compelled to speak.

Emma Watson and Ezra Miller
Emma Watson and Ezra Miller during the filming of “Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Emma Watson and the teen drama starring Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller and Emma Watson have previously worked together on “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, Stephen Chbosky’s coming-of-age teen drama. They once said in an interview that they have become great friends and that they built their relationship for the film from the very beginning.

According to Miller, they kept their hotel rooms open, next to each other. In this way they could cultivate a natural relationship like “brother and sister”. Currently, it is unclear whether the two are still in contact with each other. Perhaps Miller’s bad press could have led Emma to distance herself.

One of Miller’s more recent interactions with Emma Watson occurred in 2016When I Ezra was chosen to play the tormented magician Credence in “Fantastic animals and where to find them “. According to Miller, Watson was happy for him, knowing how much the Harry Potter books meant to her.

He also told him to “fasten your seat belts” and get ready for a “fun ride”. Therefore well aware that the franchise could be a game changer for colleague and friendjust as it was for her.

At the moment, no definitive action was taken by Warner Bros, but the studio acknowledges they have a “problem with Ezra Miller.” According to sources close to Deadline, the studio is ready to leave Miller as the Flash in future DC films although no more charges against him emerge.

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