Elettra Lamborghini, it all happened suddenly: the situation is very serious

Elettra Lamborghini, a sudden event that left everyone speechless: that’s what it is about

Her talent, her beauty but above all her willpower led the girl to reach her dream since she was a child, that of singing: we are talking about Elettra Lamborghini, nicknamed the Twerking Queen by her fans for excellence. Over the course of her career she has achieved insane results with his music that has made millions of fans dance around the world. Among these we can remember Pem Pem, Music and the rest disappears, Pistolero, la Isla, Mala and the new single with Rocco Hunt, Caramelo. Unfortunately, the singer had to face a very sad episode.

ele bella
curiosity (web photo)

Elettra’s debut took place in some Milanese clubs, beginning to make itself known in 2015 in the program Chiambretti Night. He dominated the scenes of some Spanish programs such as Super Shorebroadcast in Spain and Latin America in 2016, and at the same time participates in the program Riccanza on Mtv and posed for PlayBoy Italia. In addition, she participated inL Geordie Shore in England.

A beautiful life but also not an easy one, the woman ended up in hospital more than once due to severe stress. Recently, the statue of Elettra present in the wax museum in Amsterdam. It took six months to make the statue that depicts her, during which the artists took measurements, took hundreds of photos and even made a 3D scan to faithfully reproduce his physique. The statue will now find its place alongside international pop stars such as ichael Jackson, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

In 2019, the woman had to stop her performance because some of the audience started pushing, causing moments of madness: “Tonight me I had a fever it is already 3 days that I was not very well (…) to my great regret I have had to stop my show because I’ve never seen animals like that push like animals (…) I think it’s really serious “.

It seems that this is not the only episode where the beautiful singer had to make herself heard. A vicissitude is really very recent and was told by the social media by the girl.

Elettra Lamborghini furious on the web: this is what happened

ele bella
the truth told by the singer (web photo)

During the evening of June 18, the young Elettra had an evening in a club that she frequented as a teenager to present her new single Caramelo. The atmosphere was supposed to be festive, but it ended in insults.

The girl, at one point, interrupted the performance and lashed out at some of the audience. The reason? A guy started addressing the singer rather offensive words that caused the fury of the singer who documented everything on social media.

The woman told through her Ig Stories: “Tonight, I take the stage and find myself in an awkward situation. This stupid trend is going on TikTok of picking up your cell phone, going to a concert and throwing names at the artist. This evening it happened to me “, posting the video of what happened.

In the clip we see Elettra stop the music and point from the stage the boy who was insulting her. “Sc..mo, sc… mo, sc… mostarted the choir. Then she thundered: There is one of these sf … you here in front who said a little word he shouldn’t have said. If you have the pa..le, take and get out of the cog… i ”.

He then continued: “I usually dance but I was petrified because these people were practically drooling and then there were poor people at the bottom …fake entrepreneurs, loosers “.

He then concluded: “Girls, never go out with these challenges …. you pretend rich. I don’t want to brag, but they are loosers who pretend to be rich and then don’t even pay for dinner. Stay away even if I’m in a suit and tie… Don’t give it to them because they’re really sf… ti loser ”.

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