Did Cruz Azul get upset with America? Jaime Ordiales found it strange what America paid for Jonathan Rodríguez to be his reinforcement

The sports director of the Cementeros revealed some details of how the Eagles negotiated for the Uruguayan striker.

America will sign the last blue reference.
© picture 7America will sign the last blue reference.

The summer bomb is about to explode in Coapa. America is in the details of turning Jonathan Rodríguez into its star reinforcement ahead of the Apertura 2022 tournament, the agreement with Al-Nassr from Saudi Arabia is ready and the financial offer has been accepted by the player, which has generated a stir among azulcremas supporters and anger among Cruz Azul fans, who have blamed to his sports director, Jaime Ordiales, for not having been able to return the Uruguayan to the La Noria institution.

In that sense, the cement director revealed some details of how the move from Cabecita to Coapa took place and confessed that the operation seemed very strange for the amounts that the Millionaires put on the table for the footballer, although in the end he confessed that each club can manage its economy as best it prefers and that the Eagles would pay the debt that the Arabs owed The Machine for Jona.

“In the presentation of the World Cup headquarters we found out about America. They told the Engineer (Víctor Velázquez) there that if there was a way for them to pay him something directly, Engineer Velázquez told me and there we found out about the situation in America. It seemed very strange to me, they are important amounts, but each institution may or may not do or exercise its economy as they see fit. That’s where we found out and I guess that’s how it will have to be (America will make a payment to Cruz Azul)said the leader in an interview with Imagen TV.

In addition to this, Ordiales denied that the creams were disloyal with this negotiation because they are betting on a proven player in Mexican soccer, for whom he feels personal affection regardless of whether they did not want to seek their hiring for economic reasons.

No, not at all (America is disloyal) at the time they are betting on a player who has a goal, who demonstrated positive things in Cruz Azul for many moments. I have a special affection for him, but it is a free market and for us it is getting there “Jaime assured openly.


It is worth mentioning that Los Angeles of the MLS was a team that tried to get into the bid for the services of Jonathan Rodríguez when America was already negotiating with him. Jaime Ordiales even revealed that when he tried to find out about the Uruguayan’s situation, one of his representatives confessed that due to salary issues it was almost a fact that he would go to the United States, which changed when they called him to let him know that he would be negotiated with America.

“When I returned to the institution two and a half months ago, I set myself the task of seeing several things of what is coming, obviously with many changes that could or could not happen. At the time I looked for Gerardo Rebajda (representative) a month ago, who was the one I always dealt with regarding Little Head and he was very blunt in telling me that Little Head if he would leave Arabia, he would be sold practically for what it cost plus a salary that was much higher than what I earned here, almost three times what I earned here. So I told him how his situation was and he told me that he was going to the MLS, particularly with FC Los Angeles, so there would be no chances because they had already handled it. I found that out and there was not a single change until yesterday (Saturday) in the morning when they spoke to me on the phone, I think it was already ‘old bull’, to more or less say ‘we warned you’ (that they negotiated with America), because this is cooked two or three days agosentenced.

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