Dad creates comic version of Domino’s pizza; “spear past”

  • Domino’s Pizza is one of the world’s largest fast food franchises.

  • The success of the brand is not only due to the sale of its flagship product, but to a set of marketing and branding strategies.

  • Working on branding is one of the most important methods to implement to achieve permanence in the mind of the consumer.

A couple of daughters have asked their father for a Domino’s pizza, but this one got creative and made his own comic version of the brand.

The fast food industry proclaims itself as indispensable todayallowing millions of consumers around the world to buy certain dishes to satisfy their need to eat, or simply to treat themselves, where some well-known brands with their respective star products have managed to proclaim themselves as leaders in the international market.

According to Kantar Millwar Brown’s study on the 100 most valuable companies globally, the fast food restaurant chains with the highest brand value in the world during 2021 they were McDonald’s adding 154 thousand 921 million dollars, Starbucks with 60 thousand 267 million dollars, KFC with 18 thousand 189 million dollars, Subway with 14 thousand 762 million dollars and Domino’s Pizza with 12 thousand 397 million dollars, among other recognized brands such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc.

Domino’s Pizza is proclaimed as the most valuable pizza company in the world, but how has he achieved this? Although some characteristics such as the seasoning of its products and the efficient management of the company have managed to be essential for its expansion at a global level, marketing and branding strategies have also managed to show themselves as fundamental to represent the values ​​of the brand and raise the brand’s reputation. fidelity with it, where even from its own logo it already manages to impose its presence.

Taking into account that Domino’s is one of the leading franchises in the fast food market, the daughters of a father of a family have asked him for a pizza of the brand, but he chose to give them his own “comic” versionthus earning the applause of netizens for his ingenuity.

Is creative and comic take on Domino’s pizza He managed to win the affection of Internet users, who applaud the ingenuity of this family man; however, this would not have been possible without the effective branding work behind the brand, where his logo seeks to represent a domino.

Branding involves all kinds of strategies that seek to increase the positioning, purpose and values ​​of a brand.a reality that can be achieved through the use of images, words, colors and corporate values ​​(among other opportunities to explore) that a company seeks to communicate both internally and externally of its company, thus feeding its positioning.

Likewiseworking on branding would help a brand to position itself effectively and assertively in the mind of the consumerallowing to create sensations and connections (conscious and unconscious) in their perception that later manage to influence the purchase decision of customers (as this father of a family has well demonstrated).

It is for this and an endless number of other reasons that branding is positioned as an indispensable opportunity in which any company or business must work and thus be able to position itself in the eyes of the market. An example of how we can implement these strategies is with advertising mascots, which have proven to remain effectively in the minds of consumers, even after decades of trusting the brand.

This has been demonstrated by Alpura with its iconic botarga cow that dances in supermarkets and surprises store visitors, where even users invented a competition with another distinctive company that has entrusted a strong branding opportunity to its advertising mascot, Dr. Simi, whose dream of some is to dance with his botarga.

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Branding strategies are essential for the positioning of any brand, how do you work on yours?

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