Cristiano Ronaldo to Roma: an unsustainable deal

Premise: with i Friedkin it is better not to take anything for granted, because after the hit Mourinho all certainties can be reviewed. But the insistent tam tam of the last few days, which refers to contacts initiated for the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo, risks turning into a collective suggestion. And perhaps in a disappointment for those fans – not all in truth – who dream of seeing him with his biceps in the wind on the fields of Trigoria.

Totti 'blesses' Matic: "If Mourinho chose it, he is one from Rome"

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Totti ‘blesses’ Matic: “If Mourinho chose him, he is one from Rome”

The rumors circulating

There Rome, for what it holds in the market of drafts and lies, categorically denies not only the concrete hypothesis but also an instant and transgressive thought linked to Cristiano. Yet from England and beyond many football operators claim that Jorge Mendesthe powerful attorney of Ronaldo and Mourinhois pushing his illustrious client hard towards Roma.

Why not: the reasons

It seems really hard to imagine the deal materializing. CR7 earns about 25 million net at Manchester United and, according to what he filters, he could not even take advantage of the growth decree, unlike Lukaku who is returning to Inter. There is therefore no tax relief on gross salary. Even assuming that Ronaldo decides to reduce his salary in order to play for Roma, it would be an investment of around 80-90 million gross for two years. Considering that Cristiano will turn 38 in February, it would be a great image (and technical, of course) operation but a very dangerous industrial hazard for the Friedkins, who in these days are discussing with UEFA the terms of returning to the parameters of the new financial fair play and they will have to “negotiate” sanctions, like many other European clubs, to then rebalance the accounts. The balance sheet of Rome, which closes on June 30, will be at a loss of about 150 million: how does a dizzying increase in costs fit into a recovery plan that will require a new substantial capital increase?

Rome, Mourinho's list: all the market objectives

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Rome, Mourinho’s list: all the market objectives

Reports and routes

But there is another reason that justifies the downsizing of fantasies. Ronaldo and Mourinho are two strong, centralizing personalities who in the past have found themselves clashing almost naturally. It is highly unlikely, despite the joint attorney, that they will return to work on the same team. They are esteemed, for heaven’s sake, but at a safe distance. Among other things, placing a very self-reported champion like Ronaldo in a group that is forming, holding back other more sober investments, could even slow down the growth path of Abrahamfrom Pilgrimspossibly of Zaniolo. In short, Ronaldo’s situation is very different from that of Dybala, which Mourinho would have wanted from Rome. From free, at 29, he could turn into a great opportunity and a fantastic reinforcement. But the economic demands of him, around 8 million net, have stopped any temptation of the Friedkin in the bud. Imagine how the American owners will have reacted when they learned that CR7 earns triple the Dybala.

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