“Clients Worth Losing”; sells a product with a logo and they claim it

  • Entrepreneurship is shown as an attractive offer to raise the income of a household.

  • A brand logo is extremely important to represent the culture, vision and mission of a company.

  • Establishing a contract is essential to avoid “inconsistencies” when selling our products to customers.

An entrepreneur has chosen to show how her clients claim her
on this occasion for integrating their logo into their products and, for this reason, they cannot sell them as their own.

Currently, a reality is indisputably present and affecting the daily life of millions of people in their respective economy, inflation, which is responsible for gradually raising the prices of all types of products, so that the population is sees the need for alternatives that allow them to access a higher income.

According to figures reported by the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics, Most Mexicans receive an average salary of 7,380 pesos per month; however, more than 17 million people receive a minimum salary that can reach up to 3,967 pesos, a figure to consider since the National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure in 2019 showed that the average expense destined to feed a family of four in an urban area is 3,750 pesos per month.

Whether as a full-time job or as extra income, Starting a business has shown itself to be a very attractive alternative in recent yearsbut there are some realities that those who decide to follow this path should consider.

Like any business, a brand logo is essential for endless reasons, such as showing where or who a product comes from, representing the culture of a company, positioning itself in the mind of the consumer, etc., so integrating this small image into products is quite Common, though not to everyone’s liking.

On this occasion, an entrepreneur has exhibited one of the reasons why your customers complain to yousince it integrates its brand logo on its products, but later these are not well received since its buyer cannot sell them as their own.

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Faced with this complaint, the entrepreneur shows that this is the type of “clients worth losing“, as its buyer was looking to resell the product as their own. This provoked all kinds of positive comments towards the artisan, such as “when people don’t know about copyright and usage rights”“that is, they wanted to claim the work of another, that is called plagiarism”, “Seriously, how cheeky, and they still claim, what stress”“it is your creativity and your work, you have the right to put your logo”, among other thoughts on the matter.

The terms and conditions of a business are essential to safeguard their integrityas well as having an opportunity to “defend yourself” against “special” clients, avoid being a victim of fraud, and avoid a strong image crisis.

Despite this, the possibility of being a victim by clients can become unavoidable, since they do not usually read the contracts or terms they sign. According to an investigation carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), nine out of ten respondents do not read the general terms and conditions that their internet services entailwhere different points are usually touched upon, such as privacy conditions, transfer of personal data, use of the same and other “inconsistencies” that users are not aware of and end up getting upset with the brands.

We saw an example of this in another caliber when Santander “refused” to give a credit card to an influencer, who later pointed out the bank for giving him a bad service; however, users defended the brand for a small element that had not been taken into account, it had already processed many cards recently.

Set terms and conditions in a contract could help us avoid times of crisis.

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