Christian Bale Proves He’ll Be a Fearsome Villain in New Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

In little more than three weeks, the long-awaited Thor: Love and Thunder. The new adventure of God of Thunder in addition to having important comebacks, such as Natalie Portman as Jane Fosteralso add new faces to the MCUlike the Christian bale. The Oscar-winning actor will take on the role of the villain and thanks to a new trailer we can see the amazing work he has achieved.

In love and thunder poses a threat as great as itself Thanos. It so happens that the story will introduce Gorr, the God Butcher, a man determined to get revenge against the Gods of the Universe. This being will stop at nothing and will make the Deities pay for what happened to his family. To carry out his plan, Gorr wields a mythical swordwhich has the power to destroy entire planets.

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