Christian Bale did not know what he was getting into when he signed for Marvel

The actor who brings Gorr to life at Marvel Studios, Christian Bale, breaks his silence about joining the MCU and surprises fans with his response.

Christian balewho will debut as Gorr the Butcher of Gods in Thor: Love and Thunder, recently spoke with Total Film. She spoke with the media outlet about his role in Marvel Studioshis signing in the MCU Phase 4 and his take on bringing this very dark villain to life.

“I was mainly inspired by listening to Taika Waititi’s reflections on it,” explained Christian Bale about the influence on the construction of the Marvel Studios villain. “Obviously, there’s kind of a lighthearted Nosferatu attitude. Taika Waititi and I wanted to do a full dance, which we couldn’t do. But we had a lot of Kate Bush material that we worked with. However, I think she realized that she would never be allowed to put that in the film.”

“I’d say the most common thing I was watching was Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy video,” Christian Bale laughed about his inspirations after joining Marvel Studios. “But I don’t even know if that will ultimately be in the movie.”

The funny story about not knowing what the MCU was

When asked if he had any qualms about taking on another role in a comic book movie after playing Batman in the trilogy of The dark knight of Christopher NolanChristian Bale quickly dismissed the idea. The actor pointed out that he had to ask what the MCU was when fans told him because he had no clue as to where he was getting into Marvel Studios.

“No, of course I don’t care,” Christian Bale replied about whether he cared about going back to the superhero genre. “That never even crossed my mind. Then, on the other hand, I would read people say to me, ‘Oh, look at this! He’s entered the Marvel Studios MCU!’ And I said: ‘I’ve done what? I haven’t entered shit, thank you very much’. I was likeā€¦ The MCU? What the hell is that? I had to ask.”

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