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The protagonist, played by Adam Sandler, was going to meet the new NBA star in another country, but the streaming platform changed it.

Claw, the Adam Sandler movie, is one of Netflix’s latest hits. The film follows a scout from the NBA who finds what could be the new promise of basketball in Spain: Bo Cruz, a young man with a troubled past played by Juancho Hernangómez. However, our country was not among the original plans for the film. Instead, the protagonist was going to meet the player in China.

“Originally it was written that I found a player in China”Sandler revealed in 2021 on The Dan Patrick Show. However, Netflix asked that the chosen country be changed. The reason? The streaming platform is not in China.

As Sandler explained:

And for whatever reason, Netflix isn’t in China, so they said, ‘Can you please get it so we can find someone in Latin America or Europe?’ Next thing you know, I’m in Mallorca

Once the location of the film was changed, the actor to play the co-star had to be found. The chosen one was Hernangómez, a Spanish NBA player who is currently part of the squad of the Utah Jazz. The now also actor has recognized that, initially, he did not want to get into the world of cinema, but that he finally accepted.

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‘Claw’: The NBA stars who appear in the Netflix movie with Adam Sandler

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“Luck. Unexpected. Right time and situation. Pandemic involved. Boredom at home. And all powered by my sister”Hernangómez told SensaCine. The result? A success for the streaming platform that has also delighted critics and the public.

In Rotten Tomatoesfor instance, Claw has a score of 92%making the film one of Sandler’s best-regarded. The Meyerowitz Stories (News and Selected) has 93% and Rough diamonds with 92%. However, the first has a 72% score among fans and the second with 52%.

On these lines, do not miss our interview with the NBA player and María Botto, who plays his mother Paula. Take a look at the trailer for the film below.

Claw Trailer VOSE

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