Celebrities who were born on the day of the summer solstice

The lead actor in the movie Jurassic World: Dominion Chris Pratt is one of the actors and celebrities who born on summer solsticeone of the dates in which millions of people take the opportunity to recharge energy and start again before the end of the year.

East June 21 It is known as the day of the summer solstice, this begins the summer, because the northern hemisphere receives more sunlight than in any other year, but it does not mean that it is hotter than other days.

For many people to be born on a day that something is celebrated, which on this occasion for millions is more than spiritual, it is a blessing, above all they are surprised to learn that it is a day in which their favorite personality in the world of entertainment was born in a solstice.

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Celebrities who were born on the summer solstice

One of the best-known actors born on this day is precisely Chris Prattwho turns 48 years old, you surely know him for his most recognized works in two franchises: Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

This beautiful singer and actress of American origin, juliet lewis She has a fairly long career in Hollywood, however, she is a little better known for having been one of Brad Pitt’s love partners for three long years, almost at the beginning of her career.

José Manuel Arturo Tomás Chao Ortega better known as Manu Chao He also belongs to the list of celebrities born at the beginning of the summer, he is a renowned French singer-songwriter nationalized Spanish, also former leader of the Mano Negra group.

His character “Berlin” from the famous Spanish series La Casa de Papel on Netflix, Peter Alonso He won public recognition, he is a renowned actor of Spanish origin who turns 51 today.

Winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award Maggie Siff was born in 1974, today she turns 48 years old, she is also a famous actress of American origin known for her roles in different television series such as Sons Of Anarchy.

If you were a fan of the 2001 series Smallville, especially the character of Lois Lane, who was played by Erica Duran He also has a birthday on this day.

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Renowned screenwriter and director lana wachowskicreator of the famous Matrix saga along with her sister Lily Wachowski, conquered millions of people with the futuristic films of this franchise, becoming one of the favorites, especially for the protagonist Keanu Reeves.

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