Camila Cabello imposes the trend of honey dye, the perfect blonde for Latinas

The latest tint changes from Camila Hair had been subtle, going from dark brown to hazel (and to an icy blue that we’re sure was temporary after her breakup with Shawn Mendes), but one of her last photos of Instagram proves that the singer is ready to dare a little more.

On Saturday, the actress took a selfie in front of the mirror with a description that read: ‘honey‘, referring not only to his t-shirt of the same color, but also to his new shade of hair. OMG! If you want to know what it looks like Camila Hair with this blond and why it is perfect for Latinas, then we reveal everything you need to know.

Honey blonde: Camila Cabello’s new dye to inaugurate the summer

The Havana singer has shown that blonde is suitable for tanned skin, as long as the correct color is chosen. In this case, to welcome summer, Camila opted for a honey blonde in an even tone, which looks like a warm brown in the shade and lighter and brighter in the light, as if the mane were bathed in honey.

He combined it with a cut of soft feathered layers that define his face and make his hair color change even more noticeable. Do you like this subtle twist to brown? To us more, and right now we tell you all our reasons.

Camila Cabello is now blonde and hits a shade that is perfect for all of us Latinas!

Instagram @camila_cabello

Why is honey blonde perfect for Latinas?

The blond that the Cuban singer chose to make us fall in love with her new look is the honeya tone that, being more oriented towards yellowish colors, suits women wonderfully. latin skins that in their great majority, have a warm undertone by nature. Because it is lighter than a normal brownalso illuminates brown and tanned skin giving it a subtle glow without even using highlighter; It also provides softness to the features, evoking freshness and youth, two perfect attributes to welcome the season.

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