Britney Spears is sued by her father for defamation

Lthe problems in the Spears family they do not have when to reach their end, now with a new chapter, with another lawsuit in between.

It’s been a while since the name of Britney Spears it is more associated with his scandals than with his performance on stage. The singer has already sued james spears for the controversial guardianship in which the artist saw how her father deprived her ofbasic freedoms. Justice agreed with Britney, who is now being sued by James.

Apparently, the father of the singer, not being satisfied with the sentence of the trial, in which that “abusive” guardianship about Britney Spears, has taken action on the matter. Now, he is the one who accuses her daughter of “ruining” her name and has filed a lawsuit for defamationn, according to the portal TMZ.

For a while, Britney Spears He has no relationship with his family and, in fact, he did not invite anyone to his recent liaison with Sam Asghari. However, despite their attempts to get away, justice finds them again. James Spears has already presented the necessary papers to start the process and the singer is expected to receive the pertinent notice in the near future.

Instagram texts and a book, reason for the conflict

One of the reasons for James Spears’s anger are his daughter’s comments on his Instagram profile. She also doesn’t like that Britney is going to throw a book in which he recounts in detail some of his experiences under the guardianship of his father. Specifically, the artist narrates that her father forced her to take off eight tubes of blood a week for medical tests or prevented her from taking painkillers, even when she needed them most. In addition, he denounces that he took away his driving license.

James Spears’ attorney, alex weingarten, accused Britney of posting “content on her social media that contains outrageous accusations.” A few words that found the answer of matthew rosengart, the artist’s lawyer. For the lawyer, the singer’s father “continues to dishonor himself”, in addition to denouncing that her statements are “riddled with errors and falsehoods”.

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