Bradley Cooper will never forget the scorn he received from these prominent colleagues

Bradley Cooper credit: Bang Showbiz

Bradley Cooper credit: Bang Showbiz

The actor Bradley Cooper has not hesitated to open up publicly about the various slights he has had to endure throughout his career, coming from none other than certain colleagues in the profession and, curiously, in relation to some of those nine nominations for the Oscar awards that he accumulates in his successful cinematographic history.

Four years ago, the Hollywood star directed and co-starred, alongside Lady Gaga, in one of the season’s most acclaimed films, ‘A Star Is Born’. Although in the end the film only took the golden statuette for the best original song, ‘Shallow’, one filmmaker in particular was not happy that Bradley attended the ceremony with nominations such as best actor, best film and best screenplay. adapted.

As the interpreter explained on his way through the ‘Smartless’ podcast, presented by his good friends Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes, the aforementioned director approached him at one point during the night, accompanied by a famous actress, and told him he snapped unceremoniously: “What world do we live in so that you have seven nominations and she only has three?” Bradley kept his composure but only insults for his interlocutor could fit in his head. “I kept thinking: ‘But hey, why do you have to be such an idiot? I’ll never forget that. Go to hell **'”, he has acknowledged.

On the other hand, when Bradley Cooper was nominated in the best actor section for ‘The Bright Side’, the film that awarded its first Oscar to Jennifer Lawrence, a renowned performer whom Bradley has described as a “heroine” He approached him with a halo of arrogance on his face to congratulate him, with a lot of sarcasm and a touch of anger, for a candidacy that in his opinion he did not deserve. “I’m not lying to you, 10 or 20 minutes later I ran into her again in the bathroom and she told me the same thing. Does it really seem normal to you to say that to someone?” He added about an anecdote from 2013.

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