ANTI-AGING HAIRSTYLE | The hairstyle that rejuvenates the round face of women between 50 and 60 years old

Many magazines present and describe the ideal cuts to enhance the shape of the face, regardless of age. Rejuvenating the face with a modern cut designed to enhance the shape means slimming it down, and for that, peeling may not be enough. To respect the proportions of the face you have to worry about the volume and in the case of a round face the options can be forced. Fringes are not always recommended, while scaling should slim down the shape and make it more elegant.

The round face needs to be elongated, which is why hairstyles have been created that are also suitable for people in their 50s and 60s to look younger and feel good about their appearance. For example, the pixie cut is often photographed in magazines and chosen by star system icons to look young and beautiful.

Innovative alternatives

Glenn Close and Susan Sarandon are beautiful women who use this hairstyle to harmonize the relationship between face shape, features, and hair color. With the waves they manage to widen and lengthen the shape laterally without exaggerating with the scaling. In our house it is Monica Bellucci who in the magazines enhances the pixie cut with side locks.

When we have a round face to enhance, these 2022 magazine hairstyles are true must-haves that are hard to escape. The results are surprising. For example, if we want to opt for a bob, we cannot indulge in going against the harmony of the face, we could regret it after the cut, that is, when it is too late.

In magazines, the mixie cut, which is halfway between the pixie and the mullet, is present and highly demanded. This year it is fashionable and we should try it. This is a very cheerful scaled short cut, also suitable for the 50s and 60s.

The main characteristic of the mixed cut is the double length, short at the top and long at the bottom. It retains the allure of the ’70s mullet and the versatility of the newer pixie cut.

The thing did not end there. Thanks to Cameron Diaz and the younger Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, it is the nixie cut that usually appears in magazines. This is another variation, this time with many different lengths and many layers in one cut. It is ideal for adding volume, so it suits those with a round face and even hair that is too fine. A great advantage of this cut is the possibility of styling the bangs in different ways, which solves a dilemma for those with a round face. Lines that are too soft, in fact, eliminate angles and edges by flattening the shape, fringes could become a weak point. However, with these new cuts, these problems could be solved for good.

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