Anitta shines in captivating video shaking the best in latex

It seems that the beautiful reggaetonera Anitta He has no plans to stop his growth, as he continues to undertake large projects that are promising for his fans. On this occasion he shared a particular video in his Instagram stories with which he captivated millions with each of his movements.

The Brazilian artist is famous for her ability to dance to carry out elaborate choreographies full of sensuality, managing to start the engines of her fans. In one of the latest visual content published via social networks, she was seen shaking the best of herself in a tight latex outfit.

To the rhythm of the hit ‘Gata’ from his most recent album ‘Versions of Me’, Anitta He offered a spectacular show for 30 seconds as part of the promotional campaign for the tour of Europe that he will be undertaking during the summer, a video that achieved a huge impact on social networks, going viral in a few hours.

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The wonderful outfit that the singer wore is a peculiar turquoise design made of latex, which faithfully keeps the sensual style that the successful woman wears in all her costumes, being quite flattering for her attributes.

Anitta shines in captivating video shaking the best in latex. Source: Instagram

Click here to see the video.

Among the many captivating moves that further enamored fans of Anittahighlights the movement of the hips that is par excellence a magnet for the eyes of the fans, who know very well the particular way of shaking their rear beauties in order to invite them to enjoy the song as she does.

One of the details that did not go unnoticed was the pair of white kittens that kept the interpreter of ‘Envolver’ company in front of the cameras, being a nod to the lyrics of the song and adding a tender touch to the shots. On the other hand, the mask similar to the one used by the DC Comics superhero, Batmangave mysticism to her look.

On June 17, the beautiful singer-songwriter was sharing the promotional poster of her European tour via Instagram, revealing the dates on which she will step on foreign lands, taking all the warmth, rhythm and personality of her native Brazil to the other side of the Atlantic sea.

the tour of Anitta starts tomorrow June 21 in Ibiza, following the rest of the month through Dublin, Lisbon and Denmark. It will then continue during July through the Mediterranean countries, passing through Paris and finally arriving in Portugal on July 17, closing the intense agenda of 11 dates to return home.

Click here to see the poster.

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