An adult doujinshi racks up millions of yen in sales in a matter of days — Kudasai

In a popular comment forum in Japan it was reported that the author’s adult doujinshi Anon 2-okunen, Imouto no Tomodachi ga Dosukebe Taishuu Fechi Sugite, Inkya no Ore to Kikenbi Nakadashi Hamemakurihas achieved excellent sales on the digital platform DMM FANZAwhich translate into exorbitant profits.

The doujinshi was released on June 17 at a price of 968 yen (about 7 US dollars), although its regular price will increase to 1,210 yen (about 9 US dollars) after a while. DMM FANZA list that the doujinshi remains in the fifth position in general sales of the platform, with 13,821 digital copies sold to date. That amount of sales translates to 13,378,728 yen (about 98 thousand US dollars), although obviously you have to subtract the sales commissions that the author has to pay.

The manga is already available in the catalog of nh*ntai (407373) and the synopsis writes:

  • My sister brought a friend, Shiho-chan, who has big breasts, is beautiful, and has a super “smell fetish”. She loves the stinky smell of a man and she can’t resist the dirty temptation of it. I’m the one who sneaks all the kinky sex every time she comes to visit. In the end, after a week of abstinence, they even had dangerous intercourse overnight…

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