Amber Heard’s friend Eve Barlow warns that Evan Rachel Wood is the next

La journalist Eve Barlow has come out to defend her close personal friend Amber Heard amid a thread of tweets directed at her by YouTube journalist “The Umbrella Guy.”

“Did you know that so-called YouTube journalists like That Umbrella Guy make THAT (ie $1 million a year) by making up nonsense and obsessively posting videos about Amber, her family and friends, including me?” Barlow tweeted.

She also claimed to be tired of all the I hate what you’ve been getting since the trial, and even the threats to her person that have been more common since journalists like “The Umbrella Guy” have been talking about her.

“My Instagram posts currently have 20k hate comments below them. I get hate mail they wish that raped me with a bottle. I don’t have to explain to people why I care,” he said in another tweet.

Warn Evan Rachel Wood

She also warned that the amount of exposure and negative press that Amber Heard received is about to happen to her. Evan Rachel Wood for calling her ex-husband, the singer Marilyn Mansonwho is also one of the closest friends of Johnny Depp.

Who is Eve Barlow?

Since it was supposedly kicked out of court of Johnny Depp-Amber HeardAmber Heard’s close friend Eve Barlow has become more well known.

Eve Barlow was previously employed by National Music Express as a music journalist (NME). It is said that she grew up in Giffnock, Glasgow, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

She studied law for three years, but eventually realized that she was more interested in literature, philosophy, politics, and modern studies. She therefore moved to London to study human rights law at University College.

He then returned to his hometown and began writing music. She subsequently became deputy editor at NME and then moved to the United States to work as a freelancer.

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