Alba Carrillo confesses in ‘It’s already noon’ that Bertín Osborne does not seem attractive to her and “smells rancid”

Alba Carillo She is one of the most controversial collaborators on television, especially for her willingness to say what she thinks without caring what her colleagues or viewers think, and on Tuesday afternoon, she has done it again in it’s already noona program in which he regularly collaborates.

Sonsoles Onegahost of the Unicorn Content format, presented one of the topics of the debate in the section Fresh, the space dedicated to social information, and there is a study that reveals who Spanish women have erotic dreams with. “Pedro Sanchez, Carlos Herrera, Bertin Osborne, Jorge Javier Vazquez, What do they have in common? According to a study, they are the protagonists of the erotic dreams of 75% of Spanish women. In the first place, the President of the Government, Bertín, the second”, explained the presenter.

After the video, Alba Carrillo was outraged with the result of the study, and ironically asked in what age range and in what place the study was carried out, since it seems that she did not agree very much. “Carlos Herrera may seem attractive to me for his age, but Bertin seems rancid to me, so sorry. In addition to being handsome and hot and all that, you have to have certain values, to me that so it smells rancid because I don’t work it“.

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A comment that left the audience on the set of Mediaset speechless, especially the presenter who assured that, for her, the results did make sense. “He has a voice and you laugh…”, the driver pointed out about Bertín Osborne.

But Alba continued to defend her theory: “Well, for you, I’ll stick with others. William Levy, a Jorge Perez which is very interesting. To taste the colors. I like them mature, but a George Clooney“. In addition, she added that “she was sure” that if she went out into the street with a microphone, people would think like her. “Send me out into the street with a microphone and I interview people to see if they agree “.

“I have told you that Carlos Herrera seems interesting and attractive to me, he is another type of man, but Bertín is not, it is that he seems rancid to me. I don’t like men who advertise mussels“Commented Feliciano López’s ex-partner, causing laughter in those present. After this point, the visibly uncomfortable presenter decided to move on to another matter.

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