Actors and actresses from children’s movies and series who are LGBT+

We tell you which actors and actresses from children’s movies and series are LGBT+.

For the vast majority of LGBT+ actors and actresses from children’s movies and series, come out of the closet it was an option until they reached an adult stage. In some cases, being in the entertainment environment was an opportunity to join the work of activists and NGOs for the rights of this sector of the population.

Mary Wilson

After the premiere, box office success and, later, rents in the video stores of Matilda, Mary Wilson became one of the young promises of American acting. In the years following the film under the direction of Danny DeVito won the leading role in A Simple Wish and had guest appearances on a couple of television series. DO THIS TEST AND DISCOVER WHICH CHARACTER OF MATILDA ARE.

In the early 2000s, the now writer and playwright chose to walk away from the audiovisual industry as a measure of self-care. During that period he joined the work of different NGOs that fight for the preservation of the mental health of children and adolescents. Years later, she Mara had an interview with Ariel Goldberg and in said conversation she recognized herself as a bisexual woman.

Mara Wilson wrote a book! / Photo: Daily Mail

Taylor momsen

Before dressing the elite of Manhattan in gossip-girl, Taylor momsen He had several projects dedicated to children. She was Cindy Lou Who (The Grinch), Alexandra (Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dream) Y molly (underdog). She was also profiled as one of the 3 favorite candidates for the leading role of Hannah Montana.

Taylor Momsen was one of the LGBT+ actresses in children’s series and movies who spoke out about her sexuality at the height of her career. In 2010, before her departure from the world created by Cecily von Ziegesarintroduced himself as a girl bisexual.

This is what Taylor Momsen looks like in 2022. / Photo: Instagram (@taylormomsen)

Miley Cyrus

Now what Hannah Montana came out to the conversation, the one from Miley Cyrus It is one of the names that cannot be missing in this count of LGBT+ actors and actresses from children’s movies and series. With the position number 50 of the musicians with the highest number of listeners on Spotify, Miley has won the affection of the sexually diverse public. She currently she is at the head of Happy Hippie Foundation. It is identified as pansexual and gender neutral. MEET OTHER CELEBRITIES WHO HAVE COME OUT AS PANSEXUALS.

Miley Cyrus with an LGBT+ Pride flag / Photo: Ece Destiny

lucas cruikshank

In August 2013, lucas cruikshankguest star on icarly, Supah Ninjas, Big Time Rush Y Hannah Montana, occupied his YouTube channel to talk about his sexual orientation. After the publication of the video, the protagonist of Graffity Liers received great support on Twitter. SEE WHAT ARE NICKELODEON’S LGBT+ SERIES.

Lucas Cruikshank / Photo: NYDailyNews

Tyler Blackburn is one of the LGBT + actors who were in children’s programs

Tyler Blackburn He is another of the LGBT+ actors who appeared in children’s movies and series. Prior to his role as Caleb Rivers in Pretty Little Liars we saw it as Nathan in unfabulousa program that was part of the Nickelodeon bar and that was under the leading role of emma roberts.

Compared to the other residents of Rosewood, he has kept a low profile. However, he has always been more than proud to talk about his sexual orientation. In 2019, during an interview with The Advocate, He said that he discovered his bisexuality as a teenager. SEE HOW THE ACTORS HAVE CHANGED PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

Tyler Blackburn is engaged in modeling. / Photo: Instagram (@tylerblackburn)

Ashley Benson*

Although their relationship was full of cheating and boycotts orchestrated by Big-A, Caleb and Hanna have a happy ending on Marlene King’s hit series. In many internet sites it is common to read that, as well as its Cost, love interest and great friend Tyler BlackburnAshley Benson is bisexual. It is because years after her affair with the hairstylist of Justin BieberRyan Good, was girlfriend of Cara Delevingne.

At no time has the actress and model labeled the way in which she lives her sexuality. Before being one of the Rosewood girls she had a few appearances on Zoey 101. SEE WHAT OTHER DIVERSITY CELEBRITIES REJECT LABELS.

Ashley Benson has never commented on her sexuality. / Photo: Twitter (@buttahbenzosbra)

Drew Barrymore is on our list of LGBT+ actors and actresses who appeared in children’s movies and series

After succeeding as an advertising actress, drew Barrymore it was Gertie in ET the Extra Terrestrial. Her role as the younger sister of Elliott (Henry Thomas) and Michael (Robert MacNaughton) earned her a BAFTA Award nomination for Best New Actress. The also director is a bisexual woman.

Actress Drew Barrymore / Photo: Instagram (@drewbarrymore)

Josh Hutcherson

Just like Ashley Benson, Josh Hutcherson is one of the celebrities who do not believe in labels. In a 2013 interview with Outthe actor behind Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games) said that he likes men and women. Many years before seeing him alongside Jennifer Lawrence he showed off his talent as a voice actor in The Polar Express Y Firehouse Dog. MEET SOME BISEXUAL CELEBRITIES WHO HAVE NEVER HAD A BOYFRIEND.

Josh Hutcherson in Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) / Photo: Alfa Films

Stephanie Beatrice

Latin and bisexual, Stephanie Beatrice is the one who gives life to Mirabel Madrigal in Charm. He was born in 1981 in Neuquen, Argentina. Although she has US nationality, her mother is Bolivian. On her part, her father is Colombian.

Stephanie Beatriz at the LGBT+ Pride March / Photo: Reddit

Joshua Rush is another of the LGBT + actors of shows childish

And since we come to the Disney field, one of the LGBT+ actors in children’s series and movies is Joshua Rush. He was Cyrus Goodman in Andy Mack. Being in charge of Disney Channel’s first openly gay characterJoshua came out as a young bisexual. SEE WHAT ARE THE DISNEY CHANNEL SERIES WITH LGBT+ CHARACTERS AND STORIES.

Joshua Rush/Photo: Trade

Josie Totah is one of the most visible names in this count of LGBT+ actresses and actors from children’s series and movies

In the programmatic bar of Disney for the pubertal and infantile public, it was found jessie. When the filming of this series, starring Debby Ryan, Josie Totah took advantage of the space it had in the magazine Time to express that she is a proud trans woman.

From a young age, Josie was sure that she was a trans girl. / Photo: Instagram (@josietotah)

Alyson Stoner

For Alyson Stoner, gender is not something that matters in their romantic bonds. She participated in many projects aimed at children, pubertal and adolescent audiences. Some of them were the 2 deliveries of Camp Rock, Drake and Josh, Mike’s Super Short Show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Phineas and Pherb Y Lilo and Stitch: The series. CHECK OUT WHICH OTHER DISNEY STARS AND EX-STARS ARE LGBT+.

Now he gives advice on health and wellness. / Photo: Instagram (@alysonstoner)

Demi lovato

Next to Caitlyn Gellar in Camp Rock was Mitchie Torres, the main character who was under the interpretation of Demi lovato, non-binary and pansexual person. Long before sharing the leading role with Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas, Demi was Angela in Barney and Friendsprogram in which he met who for a long time was his best friend, Selena Gomez. THIS WAS HOW DEMI LOVATO TALKED ABOUT BEING NON-BINARY.

Demi Lovato is a non-binary person. / Photo: At the moment

Iris Menas

dedicated to comedy, Iris Mena identifies as a non-binary person. She is the one who voices Fred in Ridley-Jones and Odee Elliott in Madagascar: A Little Wild.

Did you already know Iris Menas? / Photo: SensaCine

River Butcher

Also recognized in the world of comedy River Butcher is a person trans non binary. give voice to asher berdacsa member of the adorable universe of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. IN THESE SERIES NON-BINARY CHARACTERS ARE INTERPRETERS BY NON-BINARY PEOPLE.

You comedian River Butcher / Photo: SensaCine

Do you remember more LGBT+ actresses and actors who have participated in children’s series or movies?

With information from Ariel Goldberg (Medium)

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