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Monday 20

At 21. Visit to the exhibition Portrait mirror of the soul

These portraits are not limited to the exterior, physical and unique identity of the model, but also capture the interior character, the soul of the person who poses in front of the lens that has allowed capturing that expressive moment from which the classic concept of “pose”. In this way, the portrait is a promise of immortality and transcendence that penetrates the soul of the sitter, his psychology and expressiveness.

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Tuesday 21

At 19. Cinema: The Legend of the Crab King (by Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis, Italy, 2022)

Leonardo Favio Cultural Center – Río Cuarto

Small town in Italy, late 19th century. Luciano, a drunk, accidentally kills his mistress during a revolt against the local prince. To pay for his crime, he is forced into exile on the most remote island in the world, in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. The treasure hunt of a hidden shipwreck on the island becomes his chance at redemption. Repeat on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 at 9:00 p.m., Friday 24 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday 25 at 7:00 p.m. General admission 150 pesos; students and retirees, 100.

at 20. Header cinema: The Avenger of the Future (by Paul Verhoeven, USA, 1990)

Leonardo Favio Cultural Center – Río Cuarto

The Earth, year 2084. Doug Quaid, a man who leads a seemingly peaceful life, lives tormented by a nightmare that transports him to Mars every night. He then decides to resort to the Recall laboratory, a virtual vacation company that offers him the opportunity to materialize his dream thanks to a strong hallucinogen, but the drug brings to his memory a true stay on Mars when he was the most feared agent of the cruel Coohagen. . Free and free entry.

At 21. Cinema: Shirley (by Josephine Decker, United States, 2021)

Leonardo Favio Cultural Center – Río Cuarto

A famous horror writer finds inspiration for her next book after she and her husband take in a young couple. Repeat on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 25 at 9 p.m. General admission 150 pesos; students and retirees, 100.

At 21. Musicians producing: brief meeting with Mariano Wettstein

Mariano Wettstein – Disarm (Official Video)

Mariano Wettstein is a young musician and singer-songwriter from Cordoba. In this video Mariano tells about his link and participation with the music of Córdoba, his current and future projects.

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Wednesday 22

at 20. Cinema for Diversity: Promised Land (by Gus Van Sant, USA, 2012)

Leonardo Favio Cultural Center – Río Cuarto

Steve Butler (Matt Damon), an executive of a large company, arrives in a town with a co-worker (Frances McDormand) to buy the drilling rights from the landowners, almost all of whom are ranchers. In that town, devastated by the economic crisis of recent years, Steve will try to convince people of the benefits of drilling their land, but he will also have the opportunity to reconsider what his life has been like up to that moment. Free and free entry.

At 21. From Majo Arrigoni’s Atelier

from majo’s atelier.jpg

He trained in alternative spaces, participating in workshops and clinics for photographic analysis and production. She made solo shows and participated in fairs and collective exhibitions. His works are part of private collections and were finalists in numerous salons such as the Itaú Prize (2020), the National Endowment for the Arts Salon (2019), the National Visual Arts Salon (2019, 2021) and the Fortabat Collection Award. (2021), among others.

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Thursday 23

At 21. Mini recital of Youth for Art and Culture – Civil Association

The Singing at School project is carried out by María Alejandra Macía (singer and music teacher) and Pedro “Cacho” Piña (composer and musician). And it is destined to recover the habit lost by teachers and students of singing, in the school environment, traditional national songs, children’s songs and own authorship. On this occasion the songs will be presented: Song against child labor (round quartet) with the participation of students from rural schools and “children who live in brick ovens”; Song to the flag of Córdoba, a ballad composed to honor the local flag and A Juan Bautista Bustos, a work with the air of malambo composed in honor of the highest provincial hero.

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friday 24

at 20. Mozart’s Requiem Mass

Theater of the Liberator San Martin – Vélez Sarsfield 365

The Córdoba Symphony Orchestra and the Córdoba Polyphonic Choir, under the general direction of Jongwhi Vakh, perform Requiem Mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a work for orchestra, choir and solo voices (soprano, alto, tenor and bass). Tickets from 500 pesos through the Autoentrada.com site or at the theater box office. Repeat on Saturday 25 at 20.

At 21. music friday: and a coconut

Leonardo Favio Cultural Center – Río Cuarto

and a coconut It is an interdisciplinary project from Córdoba made up of the poet Camila García Reyna and the musician Uva Aimé who has been seeking, since its inception, the mixture between poetry and music; his repertoire is made up of original productions, based on poems subsequently set to music and accompanied vocally and instrumentally. Orality, manifested from the recitation and the sung voice, becomes fundamental, intertwining in poems, songs and different manifestations located specifically at that intersection. General admission 600 pesos.

And a coconut- Seed Time / Wishes

At 21. Culture in the Courtyard: Caro de la Torre

Caro de la Torre presents a repertoire that reflects the mixture of the styles with which he was artistically trained in the style that he achieved in years of searching with a firm base in popular music.

You can follow it on YouTube CulturaCBA

Saturday 25

Of10 a.m. to 6 p.m. International Yoga Day Festival

Córdoba Cultural Center – Av. Poeta Lugones 401

Activity organized by the Consulate of India and the Permanent Yoga Forum that brings together all Yoga Schools with the House of Friendship Argentina India, the Consular Corps of Córdoba and the Córdoba Culture Agency. Every 20 minutes the different Yoga Schools will demonstrate their teachings and techniques for children, adults, athletes, people with disabilities and the elderly. These practical classes may be followed by the general public, so it is requested that each person bring their mat. There will also be, simultaneously, talks with professionals on adjustments and alignments of yoga postures, on Ayurveda medicine, on the life and work of the great yoga masters; There will also be book presentations and other theoretical samples. Free and free entry.

At 21. Rule Three Mini Recital

Rule Three: Na Cadencia do Samba (Ataulfo ​​Alves)

Andrea Hidalgo (voice and accessories) and Guillermo Villanueva (guitars, bass and arrangements) make up a duo that seeks a variety of contemporary composers in order to achieve their own identity in the duo’s sound. This makes it permeable to contributions from other musicians on different occasions. The Rule Three concept implies “less is more”; from mathematics in music enables the inclusion of contributions that enrich the proposal by constantly feeding back musical possibilities.

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Sunday 26

at 20. The big Apple

Theater of the Liberator San Martin – Vélez Sarsfield 365

The Córdoba Symphonic Band, with the artistic direction of maestro Andrés Acosta, presents a program performed by Curtain Up! by Alfred Reed, Concerto for tuba by Benjamin MacMillan, with a performance by tuba player Andrés Nicolasa, The big Apple by Johan de Meij. Tickets from 500 pesos available through the Autoentrada.com site or at the theater box office.

At 21. Visit to the Dekia workshop

Rodrigo Déchia is the person behind Dekia. Influenced for years by a seamstress mother and an upholsterer father and making the sewing machine a common tool in the family. This is due to his vision, his neatness and details in the products he makes: wallets, backpacks and fanny packs.

You can follow it on YouTube CulturaCBA

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