5 superheroes who don’t star in any movies, but should

The superhero world It is probably the most demanded thing that there is at the moment in terms of leisure or entertainment. Practically, every week or every two weeks we have a product that is released or something is presented. The machinery never stops.

Nevertheless, the axis on which the consumption of superheroes is structured is Marvel Studios. At its side orbiting entities that shine dimly and sporadically, as is the case of Sony Pictures with Spider-Man: A new universe or Warner Bros. with joker either wonder-womanto give some examples.

Thankfully, Marvel Studios — having made it big with its titular team of classics — is now banking on lesser-known characters. Heroes who had not had their chance before and who will now be discovered by the general public, that mass audience that fills movie theaters and throws unprecedented blockbusters.

Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan, Jennifer Walters; Supergirl, Batgirl, Blue Beetle; Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web. Even El Muerto, a guy who has literally appeared in a couple of vignettes, will have his film adaptation led by a star like Bad Bunny.

By this we mean that everything is possible today. So here goes our wish list with The 5 Superheroes Who Haven’t Starred in a Movie Yet, But Should sooner!

1) Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

Few characters can make as much of a mark on a viewer or reader as Swamp Thing. Obviously, the most emblematic and moving era is that of Alan Moore. A story that elevated the character to some unknown altars and that laid the foundations for all his legend and mythology.

The television series of Swamp Thing It was a good adaptation, but they blew it up right away. At this point, we just want our beloved swamp monster to get his movie the way it deserves. If this is achieved, the general public will know one of the most amazing DC Comics heroes of all its history.

2) X-23


I’m not afraid to say that it is one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe. Laura Kinney is not only NOT a female Wolverine imitation, but she has an integrity, a nature and an idiosyncrasy so completely her own, wild and magnetic that everything she passes through her vignettes ends up being brutally essential.

The mass public knew her in Logan (2017), Hugh Jackman’s cinematographic farewell. Dafne Keen made a perfect adaptation of the character, but since then X-23 is knocking on the doors of “a solo project”. Let’s hope that Marvel Studios gives him a place in the UCM with the reboot of the mutants.

3) Hitman

Hitman (DC Comics)

One of the most unknown works of Garth Ennis, but also one of his best comics. The hit man character It would give us an action comedy, colleague, masculinity, black humor and violence in the purest style of Deadpool. But with a huge heart and a deep soul.

Hitman It is one of those works that, when you discover it, they never let you go. I still remember that “Tommy was here” with tears in my eyes, between so much joke, so much loose brain and so much swearing. A hit man movie It would be more than a dream come true. Be warned!

4) Nova

nova corps

Probably, Nova is one of the most demanded characters by Marvel Studios fans for years. The Nova Corps organization has already been featured in the franchise of Guardians of the Galaxy. We don’t need anything more than the leading hero to bring another high-flying cosmic derivative to theaters.

Nova would give you a cosmic franchise closer to textbook space opera than James Gunn’s isolated roll. Many believe that if Marvel Studios gets ahead of DC Comics, they could deliver us the Green Lantern movie we’ve always wanted to see. The truth is that comparisons can become hateful.

5) Rai (Valiant Universe)

Rai (Valiant Universe)

Do you know the Valiant Universe? The truth is that it is one of those comic ecosystems outside the Marvel/DC spectrum that is very worthwhile. One of his characters, Rai, would be a great option to adapt on the big screen, although it should be better than Bloodshotobviously.

Rai would allow you to immerse the viewer in a futuristic and cyberpunk world that pays homage to the legacy of Blade Runner. You could play with existential scifi concepts and, at the same time, link the narrative to the blockbuster adventure that works so well at the box office. A movie that adapts the rai comics? They have me the first day there!

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