5 movies where an actor played himself in fiction

    just premieredThe unbearable weight of a huge talent, Nicolas Cage’s movie more Nicolas Cage than any other. It’s been a while since the actor Mandy He plays two characters in each film: the protagonist and Nicolas Cage, our favorite internet meme and obsession, but never so directly. The film will narrate the story of Nick Cage, an actor weighed down by debt, with a complicated relationship with his daughter and desperate to appear in the new Quentin Tarantino film who ends up working for the CIA and infiltrating the circle of a billionaire drug trafficker who is a fan of his movies. It’s fiction, an intensified and very free version of Cage, but also an opportunity for him to play with the idea that we all have of him.

    Why do we like so much that an actor plays himself? Because for a single movie ticket we can see our favorite movie star working and being herself at the same time, as if she made us accomplices in her real life. It is the perfect cross between a talk show and fiction. We like to see the actor being himself because he appears to us as a real person who knows how to laugh at himself and who is not as unattainable as when we see him on the red carpet, and we like that he does it in a movie because on a screen big (or small) and within the framework of a fiction we are more aware of the game.

    Of course, Nicolas Cage was not the first nor will he be the last actor to play himself in a movie. From the classic Hollywood homage to silent cinema that vindicated the figures of Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim and Buster Keaton in twilight of the gods there have been dozens of movies in which the fictional character and the real life of the actor have engaged in a masquerade ball. We’ve seen it with Michael Jordan and LeBron James in spacejam 1 Y two, surrounded by cartoons, and we have seen it in stories more attached to the biography of its stars. Sometimes they are small cameos, but on other occasions an appearance in a couple of scenes is enough for the actor to be the most memorable supporting actor in a movie. In the best cases, we find entire movies with someone like Jean Claude Van Damme or Joaquin Phoenix playing themselves.

    In tribute to Nicolas Cage, here are 5 other movies where an actor played himself.

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John Malkovich in How to be John Malkovich (1999)

When, in Spike Jonze’s film, an obsessive puppeteer in existential crisis discovers that he can enter the mind of John Malkovich and feel everything he feels, we find – guess what – John Malkovich himself. He imagines how far this goes when the Malkovich enters the portal that leads to his mind…

The film is a surreal journey into the heart of obsession and fame written by Charlie Kaufman himself. I’m thinking of quitting. Nicolas Cage featured Kaufman and Jonze’s next collaboration, Adaptation. the orchid thief. He did not play himself, but he did play screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and his fictional twin. He was already in the game.

Neil Patrick Harris in Two Smokey Hunks (2004, 2008, 2011)

Neil Patrick Harris did take a liking to being Neil Patrick Harris, the only thing better that could happen to him than being Barney Stinson. The Patrick Harris of Two very smokey hangers accompanies Harold and Kumar at some point in all their movies having fun, snorting coke and doing everything they didn’t let him do when he was the precocious doctor Doogie Howser.

Closing the circle, Neil Patrick Harris will appear in The unbearable weight of a huge talent as the agent, fictional this time, of Nick Cage.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in JCVD ​​(2008)

Years before Nicolas Cage, Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in a semi-fictional version of the rise and fall of Jean Claude Van Damme. With JVCD He showed not only that in addition to flying kicks he had a great sense of humor but that, after years of thrashing around to get attention, he finally received critical acclaim. It is a realistic meta-comedy about fallen idols without which we are sure it would not exist The unbearable weight of a huge talent.

Bill Murray in Welcome to Zombieland (2009)

Bill Murray, another pop icon. His best movies include classics like The Ghostbusters and a cameo in every Wes Anderson movie but when Bill Murray had to play Bill Murray he did it as a zombie. Or better, like the famous Bill Murray dressed as a zombie. We met him in the middle of Welcome to Zombieland, Ruber Fleischer’s zombie comedy, when the survivors took refuge in the legendary comedian’s mansion. The scene is so funny that Murray would go back to being a zombie in The dead don’t die and in the sequel Zombieland: kill and finish.

Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here (2010)

If you’re going to make a mockumentary and you’re going to play yourself, take it as seriously as Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here. Many of us believed that interview that came out as a trailer in which a Phoenix with a bushy beard and sunglasses said that he was leaving the cinema to start his career as a rapper. The film followed the actor as a “documentary” about his career after he retired to start singing, but it all turned out to be a joke. Joaquin Phoenix’s best transformation, which he did so well of himself that he took all of us for a ride.

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