4 refreshing series to welcome summer

Summer begins today. And as we have seen in recent weeks, it will be hot. That is why the series that we recommend to welcome this new season have water as a prominent element, so that if you cannot go to the beach to cool off, it is the beach that comes to you through the screen. We talked about the teenage success of two decades ago, The OCfrom the Californian mystery of Netflix Outer Banksfrom the drama with a luxury female cast of Big Little Lies and one of the most influential fictions in the history of television, lost.

The OC (HBOMax)

Fresh, light, with a lot of sea and a touch of nostalgia —it was the success of 2003—; everything we ask of a summer series. The OC places us in Newport Beach, California, to explain the typical story of rich teenagers who get into trouble. But it does not stop here, because through its protagonist, RyanComing from a poor and dysfunctional background and adopted by an upper-class family, the series offers a cross-class element that gives plenty of play. In addition, he has the ability to self-parody the drama through television programs within the fiction itself and also stands out for the choice of the soundtrack, opting for independent groups of the moment that he helped grow.

Outer Banks (Netflix)

Outer Banks would be the The OC from the actuality. Although the Californian boys here are less rich, they also have more problems than clothes on top. In this case, however, it focuses more on a specific mystery: the search for the missing father of a member of the group, John B., which will lead them to discover a treasure map that hides dark secrets from the past. The discovery will be the trigger for terrible and inexplicable things to begin to happen, and the young people will have to work together if they want to get out alive. Without being a revolutionary work, it is a good summer entertainment of two seasons that has already been renewed for a third.

Big Little Lies (HBOMax)

It seems that in the United States they don’t know how to make a summer series without locating it in California, because with this one we are already 3/3. And, again, we have rich people, but this time they are not teenagers, but a group of mothers who take their children to the same school. The starting point of the series is the murder of a character whose identity we do not know until the end, and the mystery serves to explore the different visions of friendship, motherhood, marriage and sexist violence of this group of women played by stars like Nicole Kidman, Reese witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz Y Laura Dern.

lost (Disney+)

Summer is the perfect time to watch that series that you have been waiting for centuries and that everyone has recommended you a thousand times but that you never find the time to watch. They could be masterpieces like The Leftoversfrom the same creator, Damon Lindeloffeither TheWireboth in hbo maxbut if we have to recommend only one, it has to be lost. Apart from the excuse of being a summer series because the protagonists spend their time trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere, it is the fiction that best builds a large number of characters while constantly surprising with script twists while dealing with themes of Great depth. Nothing like it has been seen in the history of television. I wish I could see her again for the first time.

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