Xbox Series X|S Forza Motorsport Resolution and FPS Revealed

The last few days we have been living and learning about a lot of news regarding the new Forza Motorsport, which is a major reboot and update in the saga, especially for those new players who will just be introduced to this world. Now, The resolution and fps that Forza Motorsport will have on Xbox Series X | S has been revealed, turning out to be up to the new consoles, although with some doubts.

New features coming to the game have been revealed through the official Forza Motorsport forum, such as a new multiplayer system, new mechanics in the main story, and much more. Along with the above, also the resolution and fps that it will have was confirmed, which reach 60 fps on both consoles, changing only the resolution between the two.

Xbox Series X|S Forza Motorsport Resolution and FPS Revealed

Chris Esaki gives more details on Forza Motorsport

As the developers have confirmed, Forza Motorsport will run at 60fps on both consoles, but on Xbox Series X it will run at 4K resolution, while its smaller sibling Xbox Series S will run at 1080p. Both will have ray tracing, but it is not yet known if this will be effective through a quality / performance mode, or it will only be a single mode optimized for both consoles. Over time, more details will come to finally confirm this.

In any case, the resolution and performance is what we expect for this generation, where according to the first images we have seen of the title, It looks really spectacular, with a really high level and graphic detail. It will undoubtedly have a great impact when playing the new mechanics of the awaited Forza Motorsport.

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