Vans Enters the “Roblox” Metaverse with “Vans World”

geekzillos, remember back in 2021 Vans introduced their first virtual experience in the Roblox metaverse? Well, we have incredible news for you, so pay close attention.

Roblox is a global platform that brings millions of people together through shared experiences, and Vans is the first brand to bring skateboarding, fashion, and community together into one experience with the launch of Roblox. ‘Vans World’. It is a large open world where you can find skate spots, visit the House of Vans, learn and perform tricks with the board and collect ‘Waffle’ coins to unlock discontinued or collectible shoes for your avatars. To enter Roblox, it is necessary to have a registered user from and download the platform’s game catalog.

"Vans World"

Through a 3D space designed to mimic the movements of the boards, users can practice their ollies and kickflips as well as personalize clothing through unusual accessories such as wings with the brand’s famous Checkerboard print.

Limits do not exist in Vans World

The limits to discover and imagine your own world do not exist in Roblox, and the virtual experience of Vans World puts the most experienced players to the test to challenge their creativity. Some of the most iconic places to visit in the metaverse is the version that the brand created for House of Vans; The historic house has a different space from those in real life, but maintains the spirit of the concept by including a skatepark within it.

"Vans World"

Virtual worlds are not new and today we can find possibilities never seen before to try an alternate reality. In the year 2021 alone, the presence of these immersive worlds has expanded in all spheres of the internet. Social networks are a clear example of the virtual communities in which we all form part.

For Vans World, its launch represented one of the 10 most visited and sponsored virtual worlds in Roblox. A key to this success was integrating the brand’s DNA and creating the first skatepark in a digital environment. The inspiration was born from the iconic “Vans Off The Wall Skatepark” in California, as a tribute to the first skatepark that the brand opened in 1998 in Orange Mall, in the Californian town of Newport Beach.

world skateboarding day

In Mexico, Vans continues with its brand purpose to bring new generations closer to sports, music, art and urban culture. In addition, every June 21 is celebrated the “Go Skateboarding Day” or World Skateboarding Day. The name comes from a sign in English: “No skateboarding”, and later, it was changed to “Go Skateboarding” by the same athletes.

This year, “Go Skate Day 2022” will take place on June 21 at the House of Vans CDMX facilities, and for the first time, the brand’s virtual world will be integrated into activities to celebrate skateboarding.

Among the activities that can be found are: the children’s and youth skateboarding contest in male and female categories by Ollie School, the presentation of a new pro skate shoe, the launch of a pro model board by Lúdica, projections of local projects and video parts of the Vans Mexico team and a presentation of Vans World for all attendees.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the Vans World in Roblox.

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