Ninja advises new streamers to steer clear of games like Fortnite

Within the Twitch ecosystem, Ninja It is one of the most recognizable faces worldwide. Of course, if anyone is in a position to give advice to smaller streamers, it’s him.

This is what he recently wanted to do, with special emphasis on the fact that new content creators have to get away from fads to create your community and establish your own brand identity.

“When you start broadcasting and try to build a brand from scratch, it is important to start with a smaller game have a smaller, tighter community,” Ninja recommended.

Reason is not lacking and it is that standing out among millions of people in the most popular categories on Twitch is practically an impossible mission: “In a small game you can work on building your community and you are easier to discover“.

“In the category of the game you are playing you are going to appear buried at the bottom of the list. There are millions of people who are streaming Fortnite or hundreds of thousands of people who are broadcasting the most popular games of the moment,” he settled.

The advice couldn’t be more accurate. Ninja has hit the bullseye squarely, and I’m sure thousands of aspiring streamers around the world have taken note of these words.

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