Mona finds out that Geros was arrested in full direct

  • The virality offered by social networks allows some content creators to generate great fortunes and polarity within the community.

  • According to what has been said, the tiktoker was inside a checkpoint because a car without license plates was circulating.

  • Mona and Geros have become extremely famous in recent years due to the peculiar way in which they comment on their daily lives.

The virality offered by social networks has allowed a considerable group of content creators to stand out within the taste of Internet users, which in turn causes the community to grow and become more active, allowing the generation of unique moments, such as the one developing during a direct from the tiktoker Mona, who was alerted by a fan, that her partner, the content creator known as Geros, was being held at a checkpointof the Mexican government authorities.

Mona and Geros

In recent years, the number of people who dedicate their time to generating content for social networks has grown considerably, an aspect that has caused some to position themselves within the taste of Internet users, thus managing to generate large fortunes and popularity, such is the case of the couple known as Mona and Geros, which became viral in a short time due to its peculiar way of telling its day to day, situation that has led them today to improve considerably and to be one of the most well-known influencers in recent years.

@karlah88 @monaygeros1903 #gerosymona #geros #mona #amigas #pupilentes #eyecontact #humor #losmasvirales #monageros ♬ original sound – Karla Herrera 💜🧿

Mona finds out that Geros was arrested in full direct

During one of the usual live broadcasts of the tiktker Mona, a peculiar moment was experienced, this because when reading the comments of the broadcast, was informed that her partner, content creator Geros, had allegedly been detained at a checkpoint in Deltaa reason that generated the surprise of Mona, who was alarmed by the comment and pointed out harassment by the police.

@saritadevilla130920 Do you want part 2.?#monaygeros💜 #monaygeros ♬ original sound – Sarä Villa

According to what was stated within the live broadcast, the tiktoker had allegedly been arrested for driving a car without license plates, although arguing that he had permission to drive, in the same way it should be mentioned that the legal status of the car is not known as that of the content creator; nevertheless, in comments it has been made known that the matter did not happen to majors.

content creators

Derived from the growing number of Internet users, influencer marketing has been developed, a strategy that is used by all types of marketing professionals, showing positive results for agencies, brands and influencers; According to data from Mediakix, approximately 48 percent of marketers who have chosen to carry out this strategy manage to generate a better return on investment Compared to betting on other digital channels, while 41 percent mention that the return is similar, resulting in an attractive plan to bet on.

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