‘It was fine but…, I don’t regret it’

In one of the most sublime moments of sports television in Mexico, Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda is positioned among the first places to reach a program of Fox Sports in a state of drunkness. After that fact he left the channel.

It was even barely in an interview with Jorge ‘Donkey’ van Rankin that Gabriel de Anda accepted that he did appear on the drunken program and that it cost him his job with Fox Sports, but he does not regret what happened that day.

“I did get to Fox Sports fart and it cost me my job, but I do not regret. Of course, let me tell you something, there is not a single guy in all of sports television who has been a soccer player before who ‘neither fu nor fa’, who has reached the media and who in less than five years has already been in all the Fox Sports programs because I narrated, analyzed and made a mess”, said de Anda.

In addition, Juan Carlos recalled that in “Soccer for Everyone“, the, Jean Duverger and Faisy They did the program with their drinks on top, assuring that they did it to have fun on the broadcast.

“I was in a program with Faisy and Jean Duverger in which it was shitty to get farted to do the show or to get really fucking raw to be unruly. I did five programs a day and I don’t regret having gotten fart that time.

“Because I was physically there, but mentally I had given up long before. It did not drive me crazy to be on television, which is why many kill, ”she added.

Finally, he confessed that since that incident he has dedicated himself to other businesses and his family, since he enjoyed that stage of his life, but now he has another.

“While people think that since that issue eight years ago I have not done anything with my life: I have issues with unions, trusts, works of art. If they ask me what I do for a living, I tell you my son, to have a good coffee, to my mother because at any moment it goes away, that’s what I do now”.


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