Fortnite: How to enter the Wind Tunnel with a Boloncho to overcome the weekly challenge

The Boloncho returns to Fortnite and has become the new vehicle of the season, but it is important to understand the full potential of this machine to properly address the different challenges in the Epic Games Battle Royale. The American giant continues to present the device to us through weekly challenges. This time, you will have to enter the wind tunnel while you are in a moving bubble.

It is a very simple challenge, and the difficult part will be to find which is the wind tunnel in question. Before you’ve even racked your brains out, you can set sail for the disco, and more specifically the huge pink teddy bear head on top of the mountain.

Where to find a Wind Tunnel to complete the weekly challenge?

fortnite : battle royale

The wind tunnel is the immense windy corridor located near the disco circuit. That yes, keep in mind that this is not the “classic” roller coaster, but only the aerial part, which is a little more on the periphery, and which is surrounded by purple or yellow rings.

The attraction takes you manually in the wake of the air, but of course you can use the suction cup in the area to hoist yourself directly into this wake, which is usually faster. All these bolonchos are found in various places, near the destination town, but you will surely find one in the head of the pink bear.

During this week of challenges, many players will want to land directly on this very spot to complete the challenge. Therefore, we recommend that you do not waste time equipping yourself and searching for weapons to fight for your life. Concentrate on catching a boloncho as quickly as possible… Unless your priority is still getting to the top 1, of course.

This week, you’ll have to do some gardening in Fortnite! Reality suckers need a bit of maintenance, and we explain the procedure to follow to quickly succeed in this challenge.

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