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Talent and imagination have no limits for some, and some video games, like the popular “Minecraft” can be a tool to unleash things that many would not have thought of.

“Minecraft” is a video game which focuses on exploration and construction, its “open world” theme allows players to create any type of objects or large constructions by placing and destroying blocks.

This video game, plus the creative mind of Facebook user Herwinoide, managed to recreate a version very similar to the map of the Cobach campus of the 1st Town Hall of Playas de Rosarito. On June 16 Herwinoid decided to show his work through his Facebook page, and explained that he had saved this project since 2020 and recently ran into it again, so it occurred to him to make an “environmental expansion” and add more detail to your map.

“Recently I took a few screenshots and it occurred to me to start doing an “environmental expansion” entitled “La Escénica” on the side of the campus so that it wouldn’t just be pure grass on the other side of the fence.” he commented on Facebook.

In addition, he added that his recreation tried to make it as similar as possible and was based on images, maps and memories of his time as a student on the campus.

In this recreation I tried to take care as best as possible (and within the limitations of the game itself) the architectural proportions and decorative details of the buildings and the main building (“the red boxes”). With the help of photographs, maps and memories I was able to guide myself to place each block. This recreation is based on an approximation of what the campus and its surroundings looked like in 2019 (more or less).

Herwinoid is dedicated to uploading drawings to his Facebook page, which has already generated several followers of his work. He has a series of drawings titled “El CoCoBach” which he says he has had since his high school years, and plans to continue with at some point.


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