Aesthetic medicine: I did not consider resorting to it until a friend told me this

Until very recently I did not consider resorting to the aesthetic medicine. It was not an option on my priority list beauty which lately I’m trying to drastically reduce to make it minimalist in every way: I want to use less cosmetics; I want to spend less time putting on makeup and doing my hair –welcome cuts that allow hair to be air-dried and multi-purpose creams–, and reduce my list of beauty appointments that end up creating commitments from time to time (as happens with eyebrow touch-ups or highlights). Precisely for this reason, I thought that resorting to medical-aesthetic treatments was not an option. It was not until I met a person who had tried the honeys of the protocols with hyaluronic acid to deal with dark circles and made me change my speech. “Since I did it I wake up with a good face and I don’t have to put on makeup. I don’t even use concealer. For me it has been a great investment”, she told me, pronouncing a few words that echoed in my head like one of the best beauty slogans that could be repeated to make me believe in the benefits of this type of treatment. After all, investing time and money once a year could be a good option to see myself with a better face the rest of the year.

The current trend is this

The trend in the field of aesthetic medicine is precisely the search for naturalness to achieve a rested face effect. At the same time, many of the people who have demanded a protocol of this type have done so precisely because of the desire to look better without makeup. “Current trends are directed towards natural results and the search for freshness is one of the objectives most demanded by our patients in consultation. One of the most common requests today is to look good with a washed face, that is, to have more rested skin looking for a very natural and radiant effect. And trying to rely less on makeup is something sought after. It is also a consequence of the current trend of taking care of our skin in general more – not only focusing on the elimination of expression lines – but also seeking to improve the quality of the skin to see us better”, explains the doctor Pillar of Fruits. In the same line goes the response of the doctor Jesus I Want Pastor, which confirms that “appearing rested” is one of the most recurrent requests. “It is a frequent consultation, most patients do not know how to identify what causes that tired appearance, but they do highlight it as an aesthetic need. They refer that on a daily basis they need a lot of makeup and concealer for dark circles to feel comfortable with the appearance that their face projects.

Hyaluronic acid to treat dark circles under the eyes

The demand for medical-aesthetic procedures in the area of ​​dark circles has increased between 30% and 40% in recent years, according to the aesthetic doctor José Manuel Fernández Rodríguez, medical adviser of Teoxane. And precisely the dynamic hyaluronic acid infiltration protocols in this area are experiencing their moment of glory. “The treatment of the upper third of the face and especially of the dark circles has gained a lot of importance and popularity. Each case must be assessed in particular, but one of the treatments that we prefer to correct a tired look and restore shine in that area, also correcting sunkenness, the sensation of darkness and dark circles under the eyes is HA, specifically the product Redensity II of Teoxane, which achieves a restructuring in this part of the face with hardly any edema or inflammation and with very long-lasting results”, explains Pilar de Frutos.

However, it should be pointed out that at the time of doing this protocol – for which between one or two sessions are usually necessary (from €350) – it may be necessary work other areas of the face to achieve a more harmonious result. “Depending on the degree of intensity of the dark circles, it is necessary to assess whether to treat the dark circles directly or if it is necessary to previously reposition the volumes of the deep and superficial fat compartments of the medial cheekbone and, even, the lateral cheekbone. Another important structural area when treating dark circles is the temporal fossa, commonly known as the temple. When it is very sunken, there is also a sinking of the lateral part of the eyecup that leads us to that sad and dull look that we try to correct, “explains Quero Pastor.

Redensification: another of the most sought after

As Pilar de Frutos explains, improving the quality of the skin is another of the most frequent requests in consultation, especially when the good weather approaches and we want to look good without makeup. “One of the most effective protocols to improve the luminosity of the skin and show off a juicy and radiant dermis are facial redensification and deep hydration treatments such as Redensity I. It is a restructuring, hydration and deep redensification treatment. It is a very powerful mesotherapy that combines the properties of vitamins and trace elements with very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, achieving a turgor of the skin that makes the skin look much denser, juicier and more luminous from the outside”, explains the expert. .

Combine to win

It is important to note that the success of these procedures is always in the individualization and in the mixture of various protocols to achieve natural results that do not denote that we have been through a consultation. “The ideal is a combination of several treatments. Treatments with appliances such as Intense Pulsed Light, fractional laser, radiofrequency, shock waves, ultrasound… In turn the appropriate cosmetics, the peeling chemical and draining facial massages complement and help to achieve that fresh and natural look that we so much pursue”, concludes Quero Pastor.

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