They recreate the COBACH campus in Rosarito in Minecraft

Video games have become an escape from reality, a hobby or even a monetary income for many; those that imply that the user makes use of her imagination to create an element or “her own world” help to promote and take advantage of artistic talent; this time, an artist made use of these technological resources to recreate a well-known educational campus in Rosarito.

Herwin or “Herwinoid” as you can find him on his social networks, is the artist who Through the video game Minecraft, he recreated different areas of the Colegio de Bachilleres (COBACH) “First Town Hall” located in Playas de Rosaritowhich is well known both in Tijuana and in this municipality because many students are sent to this campus and it is located on the main avenue.

Through different photographs, Herwin shared his finished work which he had put on pause since 2020, since he had started it during his vacation period. He commented that this recreation was based on how the campus looked during 2019, in addition, it added an “environmental expansion” to which it titled “La Escénica” so that the environment outside the area of ​​​​the buildings continued.

Herwinoid Facebook
Herwinoid Facebook

In this recreation I tried to take care as best as possible (and within the limitations of the game itself) the architectural proportions and decorative details of the buildings and the main building (“the red boxes”;). With the help of photographs, maps, and memories I was able to guide myself in placing each block,” Herwin commented on his post.

Herwinoid Facebook
Herwinoid Facebook

Minecraft allows its users to create different environments through the tools it has and although different works have been demonstrated over the years, it represents pride in capturing a building in Baja California. Within Herwin’s work, the school can be seen from different angles as well as areas within the corridors of the Tower A and Tower B, the esplanade, halls, courts, parking, the “Grandpa’s Store” and even the stores that are in front of the campus such as “La Cobacha”.

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