PSG offered a lucrative contract to Vinícius Jr.

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The suspicious practices of paris st germain they continue to come to light, because after he was able, in a bad way, to convince Kylian Mbappe to renew, now it was known that he tempted the Brazilian striker Vinicius Jr. so that he also signed with the club.

According to the Spanish sports newspaper Marca, the PSG sought the Brazilian striker so that he would not continue with Real Madrid, in exchange for a quite lucrative contract.

Again the cross between the parisian painting and the You meringues; the Iberian newspaper published that the former promised him a salary of €40 million per season, one succulent signing bonus and business opportunities in Qatar.

These approaches took place between November and March, and it was the Brazilian himself who informed his board of directors of the constant calls from team managers of the Ligue 1.

Because he feels valued and is happy in the White HouseVini will soon sign his renewal with the Madrid team, either until 2026 either 2027.

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