All Deaths and Survivors of Da 2 of Saw Minecraft Games by AuronPlay

yesand expectations prior to Saw Minecraft Games by AuronPlay they were already great, the AuronPlay and Ale project has surpassed all imaginable bases for a game like Minecraft. Without losing the essence of the “Ghoulish Game”, the organization has managed to develop an entertaining project bringing together 100 of the biggest streamers Hispanic. The result, shocking.

During the first two days of the event, we have seen everything from dismembered bodies to speeches that have led more than one to retrospect. The spirit of Saw has been combined with a timeless escape-room that entertains half a million viewers night after night. However, only the luckiest have been surviving AuronPlay’s Saw Minecraft Games, the game of death.

AuronPlay’s Saw Minecraft Games Day 1 charges to 20%

Day 1 of AuronPlay’s Saw Minecraft Games dropped 20% of streamers invited to the series. Just as the clown recording dictated, the test in question required a double sacrifice that each team had to execute so that the bulk of the group could advance. The controversy, however, was sparked by the uncertainty of these deaths, since those affected lost hours without knowing what to do.

These are the 20 deaths of the first day of the Saw Minecraft Games of AuronPlayall caused by that malicious test that served as the first filter of this macabre game:


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All deaths from AuronPlay’s Saw Minecraft Games: Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg…

After one in five streamers of AuronPlay’s Saw Minecraft Games had to say goodbye to the series, Day 2 opened with 8 participants per group. The tests were hardening and the deaths began to be counted by the dozens. From game of choice where betrayals reigned, to explicit dismemberments to the delight of the clown.

There was no room for redemptions and up to 50 streamers died, which is more than half of what had started on Day 2 of the Saw Minecraft Games. Nobody could prevent deaths like those of Ibai Llanos or JuanSGuarnizo, who died in an unimaginable way outside the limits of the virtuality of the game.

The terror of dismembering a human being alive was combined with the subsequent walk of the group through a forest full of darkness. where the end was in sight. Fear invaded the streamers who managed to cross it, but some unfortunately fell in the way of the Saw Minecraft Games.

All the survivors of Day 3 of Saw Minecraft Games

Between fortune, madness and talent, the survivors of Day 3 of Saw Minecraft Games had to demonstrate. The 10 groups keep three of their streamers intact, with the ambition intact to consolidate themselves in the macabre game and continue advancing. However, everything indicates that only one of each group will be able to continue alive during the third day, which will be when they all get together on the same server.

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