Alice Pagani’s black jumpsuit is very elegant

Although dresses are the main garment of the summer, the truth is that there are countless options that are equally cool, elegant and comfortable. A good example of this are jumpsuits (also called jumpsuits), which are reinvented during the summer season in lighter fabrics and more cheerful prints. So much so that they have managed to become the main opponents of summer dresses, both for more informal outings and for attending weddings or more special events.

By the way, the jumpsuit already became socially acceptable in 1930: at that time, Elsa Schiaparelli launched a high fashion variant and thus made a name for herself. Today, the suit is available in various silhouettes, lengths and materials: among elegant models in silk, viscose or velvet, there are also the more sporty ones made of denim, cotton or jersey. Thanks to the wide choice of models and styles, the jumpsuit was also chosen by various celebrities for different occasions. Chiara Ferragni, for example, wore a sensual lace jumpsuit while Miriam Leone wore it in December for the premier of Diabolik. The jumpsuit is undoubtedly one of the most popular garments of the last decades. In fact, it is not surprising that Alice Pagani has chosen it again in the total black version.

Alice Pagani’s cut-out jumpsuit is the elegant outfit for summer 2022

Alice Pagani shared a very sensual black cut-out jumpsuit on Instagram. The young actress, known for playing Ludovica Storti in Babywears a black jumpsuit made of soft and stretch jersey, extremely elegant and sensual. From the snug fit, it differs from the classic tracksuits for two details: the single shoulder and the wide cut on the side. The wide cut, defined cut out, is the trend that has overwhelmed also this spring summer and is made up of garments to which a piece of fabric has been cut. Cropped, deconstructed and barely supported by a couple of threads, the dresses (and the rest of the clothes) feature cut-out openings that expose different parts of the body. From the dress worn by Emily Ratajkowski for Gigi Hadid’s birthday, to the masterful dress worn by Adriana Lima at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, this trend has conquered all the celebs including the Italian actress.

summer fashion 2022 the alice pagani jumpsuit is very adherent with cut out detail discover the jumpsuit that is the woman jumpsuit to have according to fashion shows and street styles


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